Why I don’t campaign to “ban the bomb”

UPDATE 2020/10/19 : those who have read consistently my updates, to the petition on Change, my peer reviewed papers, other articles on this blog in fact… can understand how this page was… proposing the idiotic ban of antitank weapons as a whole to provide “warrant of non-DU use” whereas I have never in fact campaigned for that after, and simply forgot this page in my mind later due to too much stuff to follow. People who read my petition updates, who don’t have an IQ <100, can understand how simply, sometimes I forget to update my old articles !

Do learn how most of the destructive health aftermath of Hiroshima came from a clandestine plutogenic reactor of the Japanese government making its own antitank ammunition for attacking armoured vessels etc. The bulk of this page was about reminding the necessity of strategic nuclear bombs for protection against asteroids (of course, I don’t even understand how I had to write this on my website…), when I wrote this page I thought it was a simpler policy, with regards to people in the Middle East to ban all antitank ammunition to prevent depleted uranium spiking and you all, if you have read my subsequent articles know how this was not proposed again because I knew already this was stupid. I just have forgotten this in a side… nothing more. Also please don’t look too much at earlier updates (2015, 2016, early 2017) on this website except for the central article on the proof for the DU spiking in GBUs, cruise missiles etc. but time has passed, things are changing, it’s easy for those who know to see in the plumes if there is DU spiking or not (and here is how this works : clean = thin, white plume from the sole atomic explosion /// dark & heavy spreading on the sides, not rising fast = strong DU spiking — but think of the targeted objects, sometimes it’s the DU ammunition of the target that creates the cloud, look where the dark part in the cloud comes from exactly when an object is targeted). Should I explain how Azerbaidjan is advancing against Armenia ? There is a strong contribution of their clean bombs, non-DU means light ammunition, faster armies whereas the entire military efficiency is kept. Israel and Turkey are making bombs without DU which is why these products are faster, stealthier. It’s funny how clean war is actually more military successful as well.