Proving that DU is criminal :

Nuclear fission in weapons is used since 1939 and the patenting of it by Joliot-Curie and other Frenchmen, yet was used first by Nazi Germany and led to the fall of Poland and France as these countries did not have these weapons able to cut through tanks like butter. Joliot and his fellows were the first to patent an “improved explosive device” with fission, and Thomson Brandt was already developing shaped charges in 1940, too late for the German invasion. The technology was transported to allied soil.

Dresden in 13 – 15 February 1945 and the Panzerfaust from 1943 are good examples of early uses of fission. It is clear from the multiple flashes of light which prove supercriticity (up to 3:14, see also here and for the Panzerfaust here. For the explanations about the flashes, please refer here).

Nazi Germany, at the end of the Second World War, used uranium weapons (from 1943 in bullets following Albert Speer’s testimony in Erinnerungen, Propyläen Verlag, S. 242). The Faustpatrone 30 was the 1st. The British Pathé video title : “Dresden Bombed to Atoms” – is quite transparent. Did they actually intend to disclose use of fission and then decided to keep it secret ?

This is aimed at showing quite a demonstrative example regarding the early uses of nano fission but some of the weapons used before, in the end of the war, like in this video in eastern France (flash + fireball + dark fumes), also clearly used primitive neutron sources and a very small piece of highly enriched uranium to break buildings, bunkers and armour. I am quite convinced these weapons accelerated the defeat of Hitler (against the Tiger tanks for instance these weapons must have been extremely useful), but this was only possible due to the superior industry of the West, able to produce much more of these weapons than Nazi Germany. Indeed Germany also used these weapons, they just had much less enriched uranium / plutonium (I think they used plutonium). The fact that Germany had progressed in its nuclear research is quite well-known (se for instance “Hitler’s Bomb”, book published in 2005 in Germany). Unrolling these weapons is much easier than the actual nuke, you don’t need to make dangerous exercises to define the maximum critical mass, you just need to compress a small plutonium or highly enriched uranium bullet, the tech is much much more primitive esp. with plutonium (no need for a neutron source thanks to spontaneous fission especially with “unclean” plutonium, Pu240 does the trigger). There is also a video (screen below) showing a tank turret explosion after some delay, excellent indicator of delayed criticality (see article on flashes, scroll down), as well as a (very difficult to see, but seemingly) criticity flash.

Nazis holes tanks
Clearly the type of hole drilled by a microfission shell (“depleted uranium shells” of the Gulf War for instance)

Next : Korea. “Their artillery had the wrong type of ammunition, and their outdated bazookas only bounced off the armour”, that’s how the commenter of a TV show about the Korea War actually disclosed unvoluntarily what is obvious when watching videos of the US bombings in North Korea. There are videos available on the Web of flashes during US airforce bombings in Korea which demonstrate use of nuclear fission, as thoroughly demonstrated on this website. One example in Korea is here. Another video extract. Very quick flashes at detonation. But the commenter actually disclosed the truth… that the first victory of the US and the UN in Korea was obtained only through extension of micro-fission to bazookas and artillery. The USA lost first and North Korea and China advanced up to the south of the peninsula, because of the absence of use of nuclear fission by infantry and artillery. They extended it to the infantry and artillery. These weapons are more precise than the unguided bombs used at these times! because the soldier can, simply, aim. So it improved dramatically the efficiency of the US army.

In this picture of a blast one can also see the unusual three-dimensional effect which means that there is the thermal and blast energy after the photons…

Korean War

At these times the neutron sources used were mostly alpha sources, polonium 210 produced in nuclear reactors for instance, and there actually is a footage in Korea where a soldier simply puts another bottle into a shell… because these alpha sources have to be renewed sometimes (short half life).

In all these cases the addition of depleted uranium as ballast is hypothetical, which may for instance explain the total absence of reports about birth defects in Dresden so far as I know. For a similar case (some cancers but no birth defects), see article on Gaza. In North Korea I would nevertheless ask the question but the North Korean political regime would make all reports now difficult to believe (too easy to create fake reports to use this article for propaganda). In France, current data shows strictly no long-term effect (higher level of leukemias in areas of natural radioactivity, not in combat areas of WW2 – my personal sentiment is that there’s been effects in Eastern France but not extensive) – see here. Addition of depleted uranium adds the “fire bubble” which extends the effect of the weapon and creates an ever more lasting pollution, it is the first thing that should be prohibited… Why has it been added ? The only explanation, since human tests on the internal toxicity of plutonium, radium, uranium have taken place in US hospitals in the 50s (see “Atomic Parc” book by J P Desbordes, and Wikipedia), is that it has been intended as an additionnal retaliation against Communism (in Vietnam, as it is the best explanation for “Agent Orange” cancer and birth defects) and, later, Islamism. Likewise, in Gaza Israel uses microfission devices but seems to refrain from adding depleted uranium to them (for reasons certainly related to colonisation projects in the area). Hence, the addition of depleted uranium to the weapons is an intentional crime against Humanity. In Fallujah, for instance, where G W Bush personnally ordered vengeance after the atrocious murder of four Blackwater mercenaries, it is clear the intention was to turn the city (an old stronghold for Baathism and Saddam Hussein) into a radioactive dump site to make it impossible to live for the Sunnis there. This is confirmed by the total refusal of the new Shia-dominated Iraqi administration to recognize contamination of Fallujah and help the hospitals of the city with the massive levels of birth defects, cancers, Down Syndrome, autism and other illnesses since the bombings happened (see also Dr Samira Alaani’s horrendous Facebook picture gallery for recent cases she recoded).