Palestinian “security” forces w/ micro nuclear weapons. Forces du Hamas avec micro armes nucléaires.

Ceci n’est pas une photo de l’explosion d’une arme israélienne mais bien l’explosion d’un petit réacteur souterrain (et sa cheminée dans le bâtiment en bas du “terrain vague”). This is not what the Israelis used to bomb the arsenal but the explosion of  a secret nuclear plant. The square looks a bit “fake” and the cooling tower is obvious.”Israeli missiles hit the headquarters of the Palestinian National Security Forces. The air strike caused a huge explosion, leaving one building in flames. […]” –  The title of the video confirms what I say, it is “Huge blasts in Gaza…” Le titre de la vidéo le confirme. We see the main explosion comes from the underground, not from above, the blast starts under the ground. Pebble bed reactor I think.




There has been indeed a relatively significant increase in congenital anomalies between 2000 and 2015 in Israel (+10% according to WHO data).

On trouve une hausse relativement significative des anomalies congénitales entre 2000 et 2015 en Israël (+10% selon les données OMS, lien ci-dessus).

Données OMS : autres néoplasmes malins / other malignant neoplasms +37%, désordres endocrines, sanguins, immunitaires / endocrine, immune, blood, immune disorders +44%. Cancer du col de l’utérus / Cervix uteri cancer +47%, cancer du corps de l’utérus / corpus uteri cancer +81%, cancer des testicules / testicular cancer +101%, cancer des reins / kidney cancer +53%, cancer de la vessie / bladder cancer +39%, cancer du cerveau – système nerveux central / brain, central nervous system cancer +52%

There is also a lot of urban contamination as the population is dense. Heavy industries, coal etc. Read my theoretical article explaining everything on health & the environment.

Depleted uranium dust from Iraq & Syria pushed by the strong and hot desert winds…

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En ce qui concerne les bombardements israéliens / regarding Israeli bombs. Unfortunately the WHO does not provide data for the Palestinian territories.