Why a nuclear fire and strong uranium contamination in North Carolina is impossible to avoid – Hurricane Florence

Here’s the hidden story of the Fukushima spent fuel pool where a uranium fire lasted for months – the real cause of the radioactive horror there. It’s been hidden to discourage research on the issue of spent fuel pools and on the dangerosity of uranium fires (so that it looked the contamination came a bit out of nowhere…).

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  1. military police has come to the area Military police.jpeg
  2. in New Hanover on the other side JUST IN FRONT of the reactor there is a PERMANENT curfew – a fire can be seen by night from farther and, it happens, there is a NIGHT-TIME curfew farther away – perfect to conceal the accident as the Fukushima event was more or less concealed through other ways Capture du 2018-09-15 21-58-08.png
  3. The reactor is known to be dangerous, data has been censored

    Redacted -Brun.jpeg
  4. We can see that resistance is well below what is coming and even more for what’s been forecasted WITH THE BACKFLOW OF ALL THE WATER PUSHED INSIDE THE LAND
  5. The old boiling water reactor of the Brunswick plant is simply unfit for that and the main issue is of course the spent fuel pool. It cannot resist. The official data available is very clear.

The NRC’s March 2017 summary assessment of Duke’s 2015 flood hazard reevaluation report states that the plant’s safety related buildings were originally designed to cope with a 3.6 foot storm surge and the agency’s post-Fukushima flooding hazard analysis estimated a maximum storm surge of 7 feet at the reactor buildings. That may not be enough. Meteorologists are predicting that Hurricane Florence’s storm surge could be as high as 13 feet.
Union of Concerned Scientists https://www.ucsusa.org/press/2018/hurricane-florence-track-hit-east-coast-nuclear-plants-0#.W5m_SObLg8p


It’s certain that an accident can be downplayed to evacuate the area and hide the fire as was carefully done in Japan’s Fukushima plant. Flooding evacuation orders for instance.

You can’t really kill a nuclear fire, except maybe cutting off ALL air supply with LEAD.

A spent fuel reactor can last for months, and will, the uranium cloud will be distributed over a wide area by the second storm. That’s the main issue because uranium flying in the winds can get anywhere, inside your houses for instance, or get stuck directly in your skin or eyes or lungs because the particles are flying at high speed…

On the left a supercriticality example. MANY similar explosions happen everyday in such a catastrophe. They spray more dust around.