More proof that a nuclear fire is ongoing in North Carolina and will last for months

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First : what happened in Fukushima, far from the eyes in Fukushima, very carefully concealed except for a few CCTVs… – read this article. It’s exactly the same that is happening in North Carolina, a permanent cycle of supercriticities, that will slowly burn off the content of the reactor while spraying with each explosion more uranium and other actinids in the sky, and spreading even more together with the raging fire that is in the core.

Brown dirt in the clouds 18 09.png
Obvious proof : brown smoke in the clouds. Compare with videos of the Fukushima fire in the first link of the article.
Nuclear halo 17 09.png
You can see very well the round halo around the plant because of the massive emission of energy that creates an increase of atmospheric pressure. Black/brown smoke visible near the north of the nuclear plant (NPP) and more smoke visible to the north west near the tornado. It is evident that the magma is being flushed down in the river because there is a LOT of water vapor coming up and the circle is not centered perfectly on the plant but has a center a bit to the south east of the NPP, demonstrating that the barycenter of the magma has moved. This is exactly has happened in Fukushima where so much “radioactivity” has been flushed in the ocean. I insist that the black/brown smoke is what matters directly for human life and it is going to the continent.
The supercriticities (nuclear explosions in the reactor core, causing flashes in the sky) and the permanent fallout (ash, the “flakes”) are obvious here: in this video from Wilmington

If you don’t understand what the flashes are : they are the light emitted in nuclear fission. Like in an atomic bomb explosion. Read my ebook. The reactor is out of control and this process will last for months, there will still be a fire even after the flashes will not be visible to the eye anymore – in Fukushima the reactor was still burning on August 2011. All of this was concealed so that nobody can understand what a supercriticity looks like i.e. that you can have a nuclear explosion out of a big kilotonic bomb. Which allows to understand how antitank weapons actually work and that depleted uranium is useless for armour piercing and constitutes a weapon of genocide.

Uranium inhalated or ingested (the main content of the ash fallout) is catastrophic and will make more and more damage to the body over time because the decay products are more active than uranium itself. Please read this page.

Capture du 2018-09-15 17-03-41

And you have :

1. Fallout and small cover of low lying brown smoke

At the very beginning of the accident and farther away, in Bolivia
More fallout : Lots of these big particles on the ground just north of the NPP (this is just on Sunday after the night where was recorded the above video of dust fall) where they are expected to be in very big amounts, as it is the main direction of the remaining winds of the hurricane.

radioactive flakes north NPP

The fallout has already been spread far away by the fire :

50 cpm near Huntsville reported here which is much higher than some readings in Utah and Montana (regions of high natural radioactivity) at a normal time, and 44 at a peak west of Atlanta in another reading of that website. It really makes sense because that is exactly the direction the winds of the hurricane were expected to push the ash. The tinned orange indicates rising radioactivity in the color code of this monitoring website. One can see here how the 50 in Huntsville is MUCH higher than everywhere else, while the natural radioactivity IS high in Pennsylvania, near Chicago and everywhere else in the north.

rad peak Huntsville and SC.jpgus-radon-heat-map-zone_all

High altitude winds go to North Western Europe where a further peak is confirmed with excellent data (EUR DEP) :


More peaks, later, bigger than in England and Ireland, this time in Norway which is the logical receptacle for the endcourse of the cloud :


2. Why is there a “ban on open burning of waste” ? Because it’s covered with uranium and they don’t want you to see the small sparks due to its inflammability (even oxidised dust can oxidise furthermore, i.e. uranium oxide in the plant burns, becomes uranium dioxide but that ash can burn AGAIN into uranium trioxide)



Capture du 2018-09-15 21-58-08

3. I’d also like to remind how a PERMANENT curfew has been decided in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. These are the cities closest to the NPP. A night-time curfew farther north is going to bar people from seeing the lights of the reactor fire…

It’s going to be a long fire, will last for months, the area will be cordoned off for diverse reasons, maybe road work, maybe something else but they will NOT tell the truth. The Fukushima fire that raged for months was almost perfectly hidden from the eyes of the public. The massive use of improved starvation systems such as a lead-bore material could perhaps achieve temporary curtaining of the fire but at the price of increased weight and thus later nuclear explosions. Water immediately ensures explosion. A fire like that cannot be definitively starved, it needs to burn to the end… but nobody will take the responsibility to evacuate citizens so as to hide the tragedy far from the eyes as long as they possibly can, I mean the mid term elections coming soon for instance.

Dam collapses for instance, and a “leak from coal ash landfill” to explain all the ash that comes actually from the rain and is falling down from the nuclear fire :

Hwy 87 = road closest to the nuclear plant on this side
Watch for the weather, keep away from the fallout (monitor winds). Leave the area as far as possible. The energy of a hurricane is HUGE and it stalled in the precise area of the reactor. One can envision the energy of a hurricane simply with the very long flow of earth shakes… One hypothesis could be simply that THIS started havoc in the plant and caused leaks leading to explosions and fire.

Capture du 2018-09-16 03-56-41
This chart is from Bolivia, farther north to the true impact area of Southport and Hanover
The explosions and fire, once again, will last for months. The issue was very well known and the US government is the sole responsible for it. No private company is liable in a socialist country. Governments have many ways of pressuring them. The reactor fire in Fukushima had to be concealed because it shows the true dangerosity and the flashes of light that people can only understand to be supercriticalities – so they can understand how all “conventional” weapons work as well – see headline of this website, free ebook or this article for quick explanation

rad peak Huntsville and SC.jpg