Genocide in the uranium laogais of today’s China

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The uranium laogais are obvious thanks to pixel crosses censorship in Google satellite imagery. The main region is Yinin (Ghuljia) where the main “Huise” uranium mine is reported by other researchers, as pointed out earlier.
First a look at some crosses :

The crosses are used to blacken slaves.

Some groups of these faked shadows are tight :

Crosses still evident around the pointer and in the exterior areas.

The slaves are used to level progressively the area and extract the uranium ; this is a strong natural radioactivity area, similar to Colorado or Utah. All the hills are flattened slowly with armies of slaves.

Some more examples showing columns of slaves in the hills :

Nalki is another region of massive concentration camps.

South of Bole, a prefecture, is a fake career with good machinery very very close to a large road ; no prisoners close to the road but the first columns are just farther from the career on both sides, working in the hills.

A Potemkin plant certainly among many others…

Some more laogai pictures:


The obvious conclusion is that at the end the hills are replaced by farms. How many millions of people died in this madness, is difficult to estimate, but the life expectancy cannot be above a few months in the uranium sands.

Update : near Urumqi :








Near Harbin :







So if we consider the Chinese policy vs. Uighurs…


My guess is that most of the Tibetan people already perished in these laogais and that the Uighurs are now the prime target.