Nuclear accidents in Farley NPP

Hurricane Michael : Video of the flashes from supercriticities ongoing in the plant (caught live from Twitter…):

I was happy to find the same document for the tropical storm Alberto ;

First fallout data in the US – the hurricane lost power slowly and as the areas close to the eye (that carried most of the fallout as the nuclear reactors were directly hit by the center of the typhoon) went above Wash DC that’s were the biggest peak is seen. Some in Nova Scotia, a good peak in Williamsburg VA… The hurricane carried the cloud and its remains are still moving a lot of radioactive dust.

The fallout came first in Spain and Portugal and from there to the North (England, Norway) and later also through the Iberian peninsula and the Mediterranean to southern France.

Of course Spain and Portugal deactivated their official Geiger networks or at least the supply of data to the European data network.

And more proof that the peaks involve uranium, which should have been obvious but is here confirmed with data showing ALPHA radioactivity (first tweet, the second is to explain the Oct 7 peak from Brunswick I did not cover earlier)

Update :

Loss of sphincter control is typical in early body reactions to acute radiation.

farley leak.png