Today’s uranium death camps in Mongolia, Iran, Albania, Turkey, China, Nepal, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea

Article on the old Soviet model and my research on the ongoing mines in China. One of my beliefs is that the “17 millions victims of the transition after the fall of the USSR” is an accounting trick to hide the deficit caused by the uranium mines (and the rest of the nuclear gulag but the mines were of course the most deadly). Simply, more people being killed while some were born, compensating, can easily lead to a higher death toll (esp. if Soviet statistics underestimated the population to hide the thirst of blood of the uranium gulag which is obvious).

In French, read La solution finale par le travail forcé, lorsque l’uranium remplace le Zyklon B, sold for 4€ on Amazon (I don’t do profits with stories of death). The estimated death toll for the Soviet mines is 27 millions. Not in the “Black Book”.

This picture is the most important : shows how an ancient form of censorship is visible in non-updated Google images, and a newer visible in an updated image : look for the pixel crosses.

two forms of google censorship
in Mongolia

For the current uranium mines see below,  click on each to unroll and get more info and proof. Everybody can understand why this doesn’t get publicity (depleted uranium weapons etc – read my ebook for free or see my featured blog posts)


mongolia 3
See how the area on the left is totally blackened…




Russia – the whole area of the Siberian Trapps (ie very rich in uranium) is covered by black crosses

putin uranium 75N
A massively blackened area and an area shaved off in the north of the picture – you are in Yamalia, 75° north, a typical uranium mining area, right where the cold is the worst in the planet. The geology and configuration leaves no doubt : uranium.


AA good 2
An interesting example : the corridors are being dug in the south and in the west.
AA 14
Uranium digging obvious in the left of the image
AA 1
Look north of Dukat, and south east of Progonat…


Turkey (think of the massive recent purge as well, one uranium mine is in a known concentration camp of the purge) – censorship obvious and slaves digging behind the hills. Turkey is producing antitank weapons and needs, hence, uranium.

turkey good 1
In all the white rocks – uranium obvious
sivas 2
In the white rocks – Sivas area which has been reported to be “a giant concentration camp” in the media
sivas 4
Crosses obvious in the small holes
kayseri 2
Lots of crosses in the valley in the middle, mining facilities to the left, starting to dig



IRAN gulag
Lots of trenches in the center (cursor) and the obvious hills rich in uranium
iran 3.png
Area of mining in sediment uranium deposits – then turned into small farms

Nepal : area in the center of the country close to the Chinese border. I tend to think they were opened by the Communist party…

nepal dho good.png
Dho area – LOTS of crosses scattered – uranium mining obvious




Let’s come now to Venezuela where a report from the CASLA institute (Breitbart) reports Cuban and Russian agents and where Google Maps allows as well, in a mountaineous area near the Pico Bolivar and Pico Humboldt, to identify soils relatively rich in uranium (the yellow color of the underground is not excellent but resourcs where a lot of pixel crosses are concentrated in squadron-looking groups and spread around, digging. Given the various reports on the growing cruelty in Venezuela I think these are death camps (and not soldiers used for work). Cuban dissidents could be brought there to constitute part of the workers. To quote Breitbart, Victims of torture interviewed for the study also increasingly noted that, while they could not identify their torturers and the men did not use their real names around the victims, many possessed a distinct Cuban accent, easily distinguishable from Venezuelan Spanish. The Cuban communist regime has long supported its Venezuelan ally, and some reports suggest that as many as nearly 100,000 Cuban regime agents are actively working to keep Maduro in power in Venezuela. Another hypothesis relies on Russian prisoners from the penal camp system of Russia also used here (sent with cargo ships or prison planes…). Difficult to know precisely the truth. Iran was in the past reported to be mining uranium in Venezuela and China could be certainly there too. Wouldn’t they be sending prisoners as well ?


North Korea obviously (in this country in addition to the usual columns we can even see sometimes the shapes of prisoners) :