Modern mining death camps in Mongolia, Iran, Albania, Turkey, China and Russia

Article on the old Soviet model and  my research on the ongoing mines in China. One of my beliefs is that the “17 millions victims of the transition after the fall of the USSR” is an accounting trick to hide the deficit caused by the uranium mines (and the rest of the nuclear gulag but the mines were of course the most deadly). Simply, more people being killed while some were born, compensating, can easily lead to a higher death toll (esp. if Soviet statistics underestimated the population to hide the thirst of blood of the uranium gulag which is predictable).

For the current uranium mines see below,  click on each to unroll and get more info and proof. Everybody can understand why this doesn’t get publicity (depleted uranium weapons etc – read my ebook for free or see my featured blog posts)

First – some precisions. 

Economic power allows governments to blackmail and punish any non-conform private company : Trump could for instance use antitrust laws to threaten Google with dismantling (meaning immediate crash for their share on the Stock Exchange) if they did not hide the earlier Chinese-ordered blacking up of uranium mine slaves by putting little pixel crosses on every single human detected by satellite in the entire world map. There has been such a general expansion all over the world of pixel crosses since I first surveyed satellite maps of the Laogai.




Turkey (think of the massive recent purge as well, one uranium mine is in a known concentration camp of the purge)