Three nuclear accidents in PWRs during hurricane Florence (in addition to Brunswick) – and one during Alberto tropical storm

In addition to the tragic ongoing BWR nuclear reactor fire in Brunswick NPP, whose long lasting effects are felt around the world, with significant fallout for instance in Europe (14 microSv/h in a plane above the Mid West on Sept 23 (see in link)), Florence has caused three other smaller nuclear accidents, all in reactors with a confinment shell : McGuire, Shearon Harris and Robinson 2 – all seen through the obvious flashes of light filmed in the sky by people around. There also have been major power outages and in one picture the radiation is obvious thanks to the damage in the right side of the image.

Here’s the proof for the first Farley accident during Alberto – flashes of light obvious :

The confinment shell allows a quick closure of the leak so the outside fallout is much more limited than in a boiling water reactor, as Fukushima and Brunswick in which the fire lasts for months and even (with more limited levels) years. In Fukushima, seemingly after a Mag 5,7 earthquake, a reaction restarted and some small supercriticities happened in the core just at the end of October and the beginning of November 2018. The fire was still seen burning in CCTV videos from outside the plant in August 2011. In Farley reactor where an accident happened after hurricane Michael a picture after the accident shows how there is a small breach in the shell from which a lot of energy is emanating (we also see acute radiation exposure effects on the visitors !) – see end of that article.

The US government is clearly planning a war against Saudi Arabia to secure access to more oil reserves as an economic reply to this tragedy. The ridicule Kashoggi farce is ulterior to these accidents.

See also accidents from hurricanes this Autumn 2018 in Sendai nuclear power plant in Kyushu and in Kori nuclear reactor in South Korea.