Atomic pins of the Manhattan Project, for antitank warheads

Everybody understands ? It’s identical to the small piece shown below. Likely made with poor plutonium for triggering with spontaneous fission of Pu240. Will be inserted into a bullet or in the center of a shaped charge liner. It’s actually kinky to see that these weapons of war received an administrative stamp before getting out of the plant. It is extremely below cold critical mass which is why it can be put into a hand press which gives it the stamp, before entering the military supply chain. The small pastilles on the bottom left are put into the press, then passed on to the military. I have added americium because it is similar and it is a color image, which allows to see the identity.

Slide explications rapide
In this case this is highly enriched uranium – its very low radioactivity produces no “bubbles”, no self-corrosion, unlike what happens in transuranics.

I must remind that this is why DU is not needed at all and constitutes a weapon of genocide and ecocide.

I think that some of these pieces were stolen and that, ulteriorly, gold pins were issued, it was claimed it was an official pin, and it was hoped that nobody will see the difference. Or maybe some workers seen as precious (physicists ?) were actually offered bombs as remembrance… “for use for self-defense in case of a Communist invasion”. Anyway, gold pins were also issued to confuse unskilled persons. This is obvious…

(I wrote in the title “socialist seal of quality” when posted partly in reference to the ambiance of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s state-funded nuclear research that was obviously pretty much it. Democratic… but still the system of small plutonium pills for shells remains very simple and easy to handle In An Environment Where Everyone Is Trustable which means it’s unstable outside a context of full war in which everyone is convinced of the dangerosity of the opponent.)

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