A tremendous radioactive cloud from the Brunswick nuclear fire – while no one was watching (update with epidemiological data)

Updated twice – see below. I mean tremendous. I think that the US government seized the chance of the Christmas holiday to fasten the burn-up in the Brunswick reactor, hoping that no one will be looking. This happened at ~noon Eastern time on Dec 25. It’s simple to throw a lot of water in the burning core to make it explode and burn powerfully. In this hypothesis it is a strategy to spread a cloud while most people are inside their homes to fasten the burn up of the cores without too much damage. But it may also be a… human mistake. See also cetaceans deaths from elimination of the molten fuel in the oceans. This way of managing the accident, by spreading the fuel in the oceans where supercriticities (small nuclear explosions) happen more easily since the fuel is dissolved in water (reducing a lot the criticity threshold) is pragmatically much more rational to protect human populations from the fallout..

That’s 31 microSv/h. Checking with winds confirms perfectly that this area was under the winds coming from the Brunswick nuclear reactor.

Screenshot from 2018-12-25 18-36-05.png
Very slow winds…


The epidemiological effect is obviously absolutely evident. Prostate as the usual beacon for the fallout (since alpha emitting nanoparticulates tend to go down the body as they are very dense), the new spike is blatant.


early signs prostate updated 5y


The radioactivity in the main beacon I’ve followed eventually quickly decreased, to 3150 CPM, then 650 CPM, then back to normal in a few minutes. Another beacon showed a very abnormal reading (the Raleigh thin-lined showed 95, which is 285 in the scale of the first – remember that fat-lined (“pancakes”) have to be divided by 3 to reach thin-lined levels). All of this in a few minutes (I had to “screenshot” twice, leaving out timestamp, but it was because of the need to have an immediate response). I had to sleep and may have missed the next steps of the huge cloud but it was traveling very slowly and I could not wait.


After it travelled around the world some of the cloud came back, producing a much weaker peak – it is at HIGH altitudes so of course the onground peak in gamma is weak, but easy to see and that’s really unusual. Confirms that it comes from the Dec 25 massive release. I spend a lot of time on radiationnetwork and have never seen such peaks since the beginning of the Brunswick fire in September.

  1. the alert


2. High altitude winds :

high alt winds.png

3. The cloud coming : Indiana first, then Ohio & Pennsylvania


I refer my readers to the main article on the fallout tracking and its epidemiological effects (with Google Trends they are already humongous). I’ll update from this page now.

***** Second update : go there to know why it is not possible anymore to follow the effects of that cloud by looking simply at Google trends now (natural event involved breaking the series ; its significance is nevertheless relatively limited).

Let’s remind that nuclear reactors are magnets for hurricanes. The overpressure from the heat losses in the atmosphere (70% of the thermal output of the reactor, not converted into electricity) is a major magnet for a depression : law of thermodynamic balance (connected vessels).

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