Canadian depleted uranium weapons

Canada has been one of the first countries together with the US to produce depleted uranium weapons (certainly in a joint programme) : an instruction material for the production of the depleted uranium “Frittage de la poudre d’uranium – essais préliminaires TN-2062/73” (TN for dossier Têtes Nucléaires ?) demonstrated fully from the very beginning the use of DU in shaped charges – this is a Canadian document – It is from the year 1973 – Defence Research Board – C. Desmeules and J-P Drolet – who is the main responsible, Desmeules is an assistant, student from the Département de métallurgie de l’Université du Québec à Chicoutimi and it is a document about making shaped charges with uranium – the document is about “uranium” but it is about depleted uranium for the introduction (page 5) clarifies it is about the uranium for “ballasts, radiation shielding” – the document in bibliography “Rinehard, J S and Pearson, J – Behaviors of Metals under Impulsive Load”, American Society for Metals, p. 226 – 1954 might be the earliest ever conception for DU weapons (just at the end of the Korea War…) as this 1973 article points to it as earlier reference for the use of DU for “increased penetration”, the usual bullshit…

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