There is no animal genocide by poachers in Vietnam – just effects of the Leizhou Chernobyl after hurricane Bebinca

Let’s put the facts together : one article of the NY Times providing a long, very long description of poaching in Vietnam, blaming the socialist regime and its corruption, pointing actually to poaching in the northern area :

empty forests vietnam.png
I’m centering on the only map provided in the very long article that materializes the area sought after by the journalists

2. the Leizhou 2018 sodium fast reactor explosion :


So the content of the core was carried by the hurricane, up to an actual “dense central overcast” noted by weather specialists in that hurricane, i.e. the cloud that landed mostly onto northern Vietnam. An area already contaminated with massive amounts of depleted uranium in the Vietnam war, intentionally (since all antitank weapons use small amount of nuclear fission and need no use of depleted uranium to penetrate, even a veteran French Army general, Pierre Marie Gallois said massive use of depleted uranium is a crime against humanity, in 1995).

stomach cancer 5y vietnam north.png

Simple to understand, isn’t it ?
Stomach cancer is just taken as a keyword for a much wider array of symptoms – read my paper – the bottom part of the body is usually more affected because these are heavy particulates of dust.

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