Waves of epidemies on the US East Coast, another consequence of the Brunswick NPP nuclear accident

The fallout of the Brunswick nuclear reactor (that is still burning today) over the US East Coast has triggered the mutation of micro organisms. It has also weakened immune defenses. Both effects were presented in my scientific paper (draft, scroll down). Prostate cancer, below, is used as a beacon. ALL the effects presented in the paper have OF COURSE to be expected. That’s just science.

The area of maximum fallout is the exact area of the phenomenon. We also see the path of the hurricane that kept on creeping to the North West after it lost energy ; and more winds over the months have spread fallout over the East Coast since then.

Brunswick epidemics east coast

It’s logical that the Carolinas are a bit less affected because the energy of the reactor burning pushes in the atmosphere the fuel dust. It takes a certain time before it cools down and so falls down.

early signs prostate updated 5y

The second spike at the end of December is explained here precisely by a massive release on Dec 25, tracked with Geigers. An earlier article presented a lot of data on the secret nuclear accident.

I’d like to remind that other nuclear accidents with hurricanes (simply explained by the image of connected vessels : depressions seek a quick balance, nuclear reactors create an overpressure because 70% of the thermal output is not converted into electricity (in average) but lost in the environment) have also happened in the USA (two separate accidents in 2018 with J Farley NPP, that’s the most significant), South Korea (Kori), Satsumasendai in Japan (a quite impressive one I have seen online in real time thanks to webcams) where a PWR exploded quite powerfully) and the most impressive, Leizhou in south China.

I’d rank Brunswick and Leizhou as INES 7 like Fukushima and Chernobyl (and the secret Tianjin 2015 accident). Satsumasendai as INES 6 ; Kori and the two Farley accidents as INES 5.

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