Brunswick fallout birth defects – malformations congénitales issues des retombées de Brunswick

The Brunswick radioactive cloud that is still seeping slowly from the burning nuclear plant (its permanent cycle of micro nuclear explosions in the boiling magma can still be seen with radioactivity variations around the plant on, remember the unit difference between thin and fat lined geiger) has caused an array of awful birth defects that stands out totally from what is usual with the natural radioactivity in regions of uranium-rich geology (see US radon map : states such as Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico… at a lesser level West Virginia ) and other sources such as air pollution. (see also sea life effects and mutations of virus and bacteria from the fallout)

So here is the Google trends data showing the powerful spikes. It’s particularly obvious for anopthalmia but also clear for the others. It’s important to note that many birth defects mean babies not coming to term, explaining the early timing for many spikes.

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Here’s also one more usual birth defect, spina bifida :

spina bifida USA

We also see States that don’t have a uranium geology (Kentucky, Alabama) standing out, and even Minnesota and West Virginia should not be at the top. North Dakota is the only normal result here.

I recommend to read my article demonstrating that the nuclear accident was planned by the top of the US federal government to speculate on pharmaceutical markets. I’d like to remind that fallout has been tracked carefully by a series of WC-135 flights (“nuclear sniffer airplanes”) in Autumn above the East Coast. All the mainstream media were diverted onto the pseudo “Santa Susana leak from woodfires in California”…

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