9/11 dust : depleted uranium from the planes’ ballasts explains the spike in diseases around New York

The use of DU in ballasts of airplanes is well known – it led to a cluster of diseases after the El-Al crash in Amsterdam and likewise after the Germanwings terror attack (article in French, the pilot obviously knew about DU and was angry about the French government, out of national-socialism inspired by Hitler (nazism presenting itself as “ecological”…) he doomed his passengers and himself to pollute a clean area in France after missing nuclear reactors in an earlier flight).

The massive array of cancers and other diseases (neurological disorders for instance) of people exposed to the ashes of the 9/11 terror attack is well known. The planes obviously had a DU ballast. Should I say more ?

Osama bin Laden knew also of course about depleted uranium, as confirmed by the CIA’s finding of a book discussing DU (Rogue State) in the library of his last compound in Pakistan. The post-9/11 diseases were perhaps part of his own plan.

See again my scientific article in From an Einstein Syndrome to the People (pdf version on www.florentpirot.blog) where I demonstrate how all chemicals are totally unsignificant vs. alpha emitting nanoparticulates due to their massive decay energy packing punches and destroying surrounding cells wherever the radioactive nanoparticulates travel in the body. Asbestos, unlike chemicals, is significant but only for diseases in the lung and in directly neighbouring areas… we are talking about much more than that for 9/11 survivors.

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