Meanwhile at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine – “frequent marijuana use in males linked to early miscarriages”

Men who use marijuana at least once a week are twice as likely to see their partner’s pregnancy end in miscarriage, compared to those who use no pot, new research suggests.

I wonder if these people have ever heard of… depleted uranium birth defects ? wasn’t that in many screens a dozen years ago, isn’t this coming back a bit sometimes through e.g. Ron Paul’s website ? And radon ? The increasing number of studies in high-ranked journals linking it to reproductive issues, not to mention, hum, Chernobyl for instance ? HBO, someone ? And what a pleasure to service the pharmaceutical lobby by associating marijuana with health issues in spite of the HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF STUDIES ON HIGH RANKING JOURNALS SHOWING ALL ITS BENEFITS ?

We have a NORML boardmember agreeing with doctors writing on the dangerosity of pot use in males as regards miscarriages in what is a discussion on a possible peer reviewed article which takes of course a limited list of cofactors and which of course did not ask a number of other questions e.g. :

  • Isn’t the person smoking cannabis as a spontaneous form of regeneration due to actual damage ? From any form of exposure to alpha emitting nanoparticles (and neutrons in a lesser way) the main real cause of birth defects —- so the cohort studied was affected but cannabis in fact helped and the stupid habit of most researchers I see everywhere of starting to draw conclusions from correlations takes over in the direction which allows the most pleasant outcome for their career and funding
  • Let’s not mention the recent super nuclear accident of Brunswick causing massive  radioactive fallout (U, Pu, Np, Am etc) over the US East Coast and increasing likelihood of the above
  • Isn’t simply the selected panel non representative ? For instance a range of persons with very bad habits, who e.g. smoke cannabis with tobacco and drink alcohol, not at all representative of what is the real varsity of use of cannabis with most people smart enough (at least in the USA) to use it without tobacco and with ways that allow a better % of efficiency as they have not the intent of destroying themselves but are mature people just having fun
  • I am not saying that the panel has been deliberately selected to be non representative but it is an hypothesis.
  • Many smart people like me – Einstein Syndrome – have difficulties with THC as I actually have, it makes me freak out due to the biological difference which is that we already have a brain saturated with anandamide all the time and hence only can withstand low levels of THC. Einstein Syndrome people that have climbed on top government places (I mean among other Trump, Obama, GWB, Macron, Chirac, perhaps Sarkozy or at least healthy carrier (1/2), Putin of course, Thatcher, H. Clinton…), over a long range of time, have come to believe it’s normal to not stand THC due to the lack of medical knowledge I have filled and that THC is dangerous and other people need to be protected, from good reasons and lack of medical knowledge, try to impose their view for the good due to their ideals of the general interest
  • There remains the worst-case scenario of a society of doctors who all know the truth on uranium, alpha emitting nanoparticulates in general and encourage deliberately all possible lies to deflect the public from the truth.

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