A quick comment on the Iran / USA situation

A word needed : the encroachment of Iran in Iraq is obviously linked to depleted uranium contamination. Iran manages to settle down thanks to DU dust – the issue is well known by the Iranian authorities and obviously used to promise to Iraqis a better future, without DU, should they obey to the new forces. With of course the benefit that these Iraqis do not know about uranium mines that await the enemies of the regime in Iran… PressTV, the official Iranian television published a few articles about DU. The Islamic State as well grew up on the dust… many of its militants obviously knew, Al-Baghdadi the first (he comes from Fallujah) ; here’s another example of Daech islamist actually acknowledging that key component of his drive ;

Muslim man depleted uranium shariah

and Bin Laden had in its library a book with a chapter dedicated to depleted uranium (Rogue State – https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/5F/5FC9177D115DFAE199E5204183A6F3E2_Rogue_state__By_sout_al_khilafah.pdf) and perhaps, actually, decided the 9/11 attacks that way among other things because he knew that the planes had ballasts with depleted uranium (hence the many health effects on the populace of NYC, firebombers etc) and intended it as direct revenge for the contamination of Iraq in 1991 and in the later missile strikes of 1998. (The DU content of plane ballasts was public since the El-Al crash in the Netherlands)

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