Wuhan P4 used a uranium tunnel mine and laogai inmates to mutate viruses rapidly – proof in pictures

Dear readers,

I have explained elsewhere how the Wuhan P4 lab has a uranium mine available just behind its facilities (the Wuhan area is naturally of high radioactivity) to contaminate slave workers from the concentration camps. These workers, that incorporate a lot of radioactivity in the tunnel uranium mine are then brought back in the lab’s closed chambers for virus injections, allowing the “researchers” (it is well know that civil and military stuff juxtapose very much in China) to produce rapidly new viruses. I also explain how this lab and uranium mine served, especially for the design of ethnically-targeted viruses (read this).

I am happy to show here a better image of the Wuhan P4 (taken from the Boston Globe) where the entrance of the uranium mine is even more obvious. A watchtower, prison bunkers (including one windowless) just behind, the watchtower located ideally, the path of the uranium tunnel mine obvious with the concrete reinforcements above its first steps.


Here is the original again, for those willing to look better (without my modifications) at the layers of concrete set to cover the beginning of the tunnel uranium mine that descends in a spiral into Earth for contaminating the prisoners.

The helical shape is obvious. This shows it is not for containing the hill (why have weakened it in the first place ?) but for covering a uranium mine tunnel.

It is important to underline, once again, that the set up, torture of prisoners with internal contamination with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, simply allows for more rapid production of mutated viruses ; the virus mutations can be achieved through many ways, this one is simply cheaper, it does not mean that the viruses achieved this way become more contaminating & more dangerous than viruses produced through other ways. See again my links above for more discussions.


Une tour de garde, des bâtiments de type prison, une entrée de tunnel bien gardée et couverte par une dalle de béton, la forme hélicoïdale des premières étapes du tunnel est évidente. Une mine d’uranium protégée par la police secrète du régime chinois, où des prisonniers sont forcés à travailler pour inhaler un maximum de particules émettrices alpha avant d’être ramenés dans le laboratoire pour des injections de virus.

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