Re. the CCP and depleted uranium weapons

Update April 2022 : this article was written in July 2020. Since then the spokespersons of the CCP have denounced repeatedly the use of depleted uranium weapons. A movie on DU bombings in Serbia is being readied by Chinese filmmakers.


The CCP got involved in the cleaning of depleted uranium (“agent orange”) in Laos where they did a quite good work of magnet-cleaning and built a high-speed train that is obviously powered with depleted uranium breeder cores. I think that this involvement taught the CCP to fear depleted uranium and encouraged them to go forward.

So I am leaving as archive the text below but do not consider it valid today.

En français

The story of DU corresponds to the birth of the “CCP-US cooperation” with Richard Nixon, the first who ordered use of DU in Northern Vietnam (in the 1972 Linebacker raids) also inaugurated bilateral CCP-USA cooperation. It is also the story of “neoliberalism”, the pale era of pseudo economic freedom with strong intercooperation between Western countries and Communist China, by relying on a demagogue idea (strongly influenced by Catholicism) according to which “bringing investments to China would lead to the collapse of Communism” (as if Lenin himself hadn’t said that “capitalists would sell even the rope to hang themselves up”) – National Pulse findings show strong cooperation between the CCP’s Confucius Institute and Carter staff, G.H. Bush himself, John Negroponte (who was directly US ambassador in Iraq in 2004-2005, a key person on DU), and B. Obama – a Christmas tree in Obama’s White House featured an image of Mao Zedong… Tony Blair who was a key driver of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has become since then a vocal apologist of Communist leadership in China (for instance, he lauded the CCP in a 2018 interview for CCTV/CGTN). In France, Jacques Chirac also was a friend of the CCP and J-P Raffarin (responsible for the selling of the Wuhan P4) has become since then as well an apologist of the CCP – even though it is not possible to know whether this is motivated by money or sheer Catholicism. That government took part to the bombings and invasion of Afghanistan where DU has also been massively used. Bill Clinton’s close friendship with the CCP’s Jiang Zemin is an open secret.

In the 1970s the CCP opened the door to cooperation with the European far-right (so as to “roll back the USSR”) and Richard Nixon is well-known for his sympathies to Nazis (Washington Post 1971 headline “Nixon Appears a Little Soft on Nazis”).

The CCP managed (with gold, prostitutes perhaps) to gain edge within the Western elites whereas all the energy of the military-security sector was oriented against other enemies (Russia & jihadism) due to the crazy belief according to which investments in China would naturally lead to the downfall of communism – and managed to get them to bomb Arab countries with DU (after Vietnam and the Balkans), certainly as well playing on the Christian hatred of Islam to lobby for DU-stained weapons – whereas it has long-term plans for seizing political power in DU-bombed countries after the collapse of Western military operations (because of their own internal contamination, because of insurrections DU has fueled – this is in the process of happening… cf. Shia militias in Iraq, Talibans in Afghanistan, obviously all in anger because of DU), with lots of propaganda, using the DU they got Western elites to spread to secure power and advance Chinese economic interests as well (oil, minerals etc.).

It’s also quintessential to underline how the silence on alpha-emitting nanoparticulates helps leftists in their scapegoating of capitalism as concerns the illnesses of all kinds they blame, thanks to that, on pesticides and other chemicals (with the additional xenophobic tone in France, Italy, Spain… innuendo of the “new Zyklon B of German capitalism”).

And what about all those thinking or even planning to take part to terrorist activities and so don’t want to show that they know how antitank weapons work, because they are planning in producing such bombs (with e.g. a clandestine plutogenic reactor) and hence want to pretend that they do not understand anything ? And the Hizbullah & other pro-Palestine militants as well ? (so for them it’s better not to talk at all of DU, or just say it’s a “war crime” and never link to my website…)

Whereas being part of an “anti-nuclear bomb” campaign is safe for them, makes them look like “good people”, it’s even helping them when they simultaneously take part to anti-nuclear bomb campaigns and to clandestine plutogenic activities… Don’t be fooled.

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