The life at threat of the militants in Belarus – a new extermination camp in Mongolia

The pictures show trenches that are scattered over uranium-rich land. The entry point is longer, shows initial digging to sample the ground, by the police certainly before spreading the slaves around in a wide area of corridor mining that demonstrates intent of extermination, by letting them dig in depth and fasten self contamination. “Khatanbulag” suggests “khatangulag” (the… humour of the communist conceptors, it’s not simply a gulag). It’s not ice remains, the scattering, firmness of the areas shows it clearly (zoom a bit by clicking to see more clearly what is meant here). On top of hills mostly (this time) but in a precisely, firmly, tightly drawn way – this issue was already discussed in the beginning of this draft. It’s precisely drawn and totally inconsistent with all possibilities for ice remains. Widely scattered. Ice cannot be THIS way. It’s a trench uranium extermination camp.

khatanbulag khatangulag 1khatanbulag khatangulag 2khatanbulag khatangulag entrée premier sondage au départ sur cet axe et ensuite attaque autour

(everyone can see how it’s not, either, “smokes from fires of tribal groups”, it’s the corridor system, a big extermination camp)

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