Depleted uranium progressively dismantled in Western arsenals – a note of optimism. (Updated)

DU is progressively shelved. The first signs I have observed by studying defense news at the end of the Trump administration have shown a rationalization (including apparition of new generation planes that seem fit for smaller, non-DU missiles, the F15-EX in particular and, as well, perhaps, the Tempest on the British side).

I would like to underline that, whereas I am strongly opposed to depleted uranium weapons I can support some use of chlorine gas as a military weapon. And recommend transformation of the OPCW into an organization against depleted uranium weapons (together with the usual chemical warfare agents).

More signs have emerged in France and the US. I won’t list them all but the manufacture of new ammunition without DU allows longer range artillery and this even caused a complaint from the US Air Force, older DU ammo didn’t went so far… France, the US and the UK are clearly dismantling.

The new precision strike missile reaches 400 km, this is strictly impossible wih DU.

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