The flag of the Iranian Theocracy represents an actual “sismondist” nuclear reactor, plutonigenic

The “sismondist” nuclear reactor definition is taken from the very sense of the words of Sismondi who recommends human strength development together with other militarist policies – the plutogenic oscillating sodium-cooled double-vessel thing is an entire threat for the world and obviously this explains immediate ostracism policy against Iran : “mise au ban des nations”.


I had the honour to feel such a reactor next to where I am writing now, and I do not know really what else to do than immediate death penalty against those handling such a device, which is what was actually proudly done by the French Republic of Emmanuel Macron.

The issue is that this reactor can be legitimized by people saying “OK, Iran recycles the depleted uranium from Western bombings”… but did they try to give me the thesis on Sismondi (notice of the existence of which I received from someone obviously Shia-linked) for the project of legitimizing it ? There is no way a vessel of this kind, pressure, hand-held can be turned into a pure electricity producer (and I think Khomeini took the French Republic as hostage in 1979 with it). I had a separate early concept that gave way later to my International J of Physics 8-4-2 that was already subcritical, water-cooled, well-armoured in tungsten, conceived strictly for electricity production, I’m happy to call it the “anti-Bombcat”… very easily translatable to depleted uranium recycling. Not the “Iranian thing”.

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