NASA accidentally finds remains of an uranium extermination camp (Retchlag) in Siberia

“From Russia with Questions” is the title of the NASA article on a weird pattern they have found in a plateau of Central Siberia. “Cliff and bench” is found by NASA eyes to be an unique feature of the area, among thick hills.

Looking around the images and knowing how retchlags (uranium extermination camps, with their corridor (trench) system – people condemned to death thrown to mine in corridors the uranium, life expectancy of a few months, their bodies being typically recycled as a whole, because the corpses are full of uranium, as fuel for fast-neutron reactors – RBMKs) work gets the eye to find actually why the structures in the hills are weirdly shaped.

Let’s see :

The retchlags are in the top part and near the bottom, zoom, first the bottom one, smaller, then the northern area, much bigger :

So there was also, of course, in the middle (where the NASA scientists find the “cliff and bench” pattern), another retchlag area that later sedimentation after the closure covered pretty much, but giving birth to the anomalies (NASA link). Extermination camps, because it was the purpose of the system to get the victims to die in a few months with their bodies full of uranium for recycling in fast-neutron reactors. Birkenau in Nazi Germany inaugurated the system (for the panzerfausts, panzershrecks…) and in the USSR it was massive. Retchlags were flying extermination camps in nature – opened, a few loads of some thousands of victims, tortured to death, their bodies repatriated, the area closed, next trainloads in another area.

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