The terrible nature of the old Soviet Marshall hat I have bought long ago on the Web

My old Soviet Marshall hat, which I bought on Ebay a dozen years ago for simply having fun with (I mean, not for traumatizing Polish people… simply because I like military stuff), was found to possess a code, under it, that demonstrates the said object comes from a Retchlag post-death work area where technicians handle the dead body parts to fit into the production of plutonium in reactors.

My analysis cannot really be explained. The nature of the code is particular and it is expressed. The plant retrieves the chain of human corpses delivered by the retchlags and slices the legs, arms etc. to compress into nuclear fuel. There is no other way to explain this unit, in Moscow.

An immediate touch onto the code area (“golden” in colour) let me fell a TINY trace of fission products onto it, krypton-87 I guess (the year is 1990). There is, under the traditional hat a small underprotection, a ring, of a skin of a nature that cannot be anything else than actual human. It’s the spirit. For the marshall. Creates the mindset. It also represents the cheapest and most efficient protection against droplets of radioactive blood which is incredibly difficult to clean (thank you, dead dolphin for your demonstration).

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