Taishan nuclear incident, ghetto proof that Chinese communists divert the EPR for warhead buildup with human fuel

The Taishan leak that is being reported is the obvious result of an extraction process for Pu239 that went wrong. “Fuel rod fault” as also reported by nucnet.org is the clear issue.

The issue above is not the only one

How could it go well with human corpses ?
The uranium mine laogai system together with some corridor extermination has been shown on this website (see also the case of the small uranium tunnel mine of the Wuhan P4). The EPR has also received mashed humans for fuel rods.
Contamination in a confinment area of a reactor is expected when you pull out hot rods (that have uranium to an enrichment level still well above what is waited for in usual core opening processes) – the dust on the rods is sublevated and scatters around. But this comes together with the issue of human bodies used (from people worked to death in the uranium mine extermination areas – Uighurs for instance or Tibetans). The composition of the rods creates at the opening a tragic vapor of fats mixed with fission products that travels in the tubes linked to the core (it rises faster than a cloud of uranium dust but still has some weight creating a lateral spill – that’s the actual obvious explanation for the “noble gas issue” also reported to have messed with the pipes around the reactor). Compare also with all the cleaning issues in Birkenau – dirty human remains were always to be cleaned everywhere. Same matters.

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