“France defeated by Bosnia & Herzegovina” – soccer is political and depleted uranium weighs hard on it

I tend to think that all soccer matches are political and that this sport shows very well the tense political elements that separate countries that face off on the green field. The soccer players of national teams are usually very informed people as they meet all the elites and get to know some stuff…

The 2018 victory of France in the World Cup was strange, there was a smell of fool at the end of the finale when Croatia progressively ceased to play really. But Croatia has a Serbian neighbour that’s remilitarizing and got cheap Rafales recently. “Belgium” isn’t behaving fairly as concerns the issue of depleted uranium with its “Loi Mahoux” that simply prohibits all radioactive weapons, making impossible the debate and the victory of France against them was fair.

But today Switzerland’s national team trained by Mr Vladimir Petković, has proven a strong commitment obviously fueled by the Bosnians’ knowledge of the still blatant effects of depleted uranium on their country, and France’s responsibility gave them wings (the goals were scored by Bosnians – Seferović and Gavranović). They had nothing to loose and obviously, obviously know very well the issue of DU – I can see it in the eyes of Vladimir Petković. France’s team has its Blacks and Arabs and Jewish (Griezmann) most motivated because they’re unrelated to the issue of DU – so they play well because it helps them for integration but there is no unicity, no strong internal cohesion, and no real proudness to be a “Bleu” – they behave like nouveaux riches, they score and then they lose guard, losing the gains. It’s individual stories but Deschamps is not good, whereas Petković was hardly motivated for the reasons explained above.

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