Russia uranium update – proof that it’s going better

After I first showed that there still was some open air uranium mining with prisoners in Siberia at the end of 2018, I have found out at the end of July 2019, in the context of Navalny’s insurgency that a small corridor extermination area was being readied under the cover of forest fires. But Navalny was attempting a putsch with RFERL support at that time. RFERL wrote a headline “Dasvideniya Putin” where he, Vladimir Putin was pictured with inflammated cheeks as if he had received a few punches (an actual picture, not a drawing). Navalny had been invited to the Kremlin and left with injuries but it seems he started the fight. Navalny, anyway is a racist who believes the USSR would have succeeded if it hadn’t been headed by a Georgian. He is clearly a CCP agent. Pseudocommunism and racism, that’s the CCP. One half of the Russian communist party supports Navalny. Vladimir Putin protects freedom by jailing Navalny.

RFERL… I picked an article that shows they acknowledge uranium exposure leads to various cancers and added it as one of the resources in one of my scientific articles. But that’s an uranium mine in the former USSR. When it comes to depleted uranium used in Serbia they’re not affirmative anymore.

They did an article denouncing an industrial project involving uranium LEACHING in Russia. This is beyond treason. Uranium leaching ensures no worker exposure to uranium. The opposite of the gulag.

RFERL actually behaves as the retchlag radio – they’re pro rezkoie fizitcheskoie istochtchenie laguereie. They don’t care, they just want to blame Putin. The Russian Research Center in Applied Chemistry, that handles nuclear waste, was privatized in December 2020. Who reports about that ? There sure is a degree of brutality in the Russian Federation but this brutality is a reply to the odious methods used against a country that is a scapegoat. The Russian T15 tokamak will use its fast neutrons for U233 production with thorium (that’s the only valuable use for a machine such as ITER, my International Journal of Physics 8-3-4 shows again more in depth how fission is essential in stars). More proof that uranium mining is separate from the penal camps today in Russia. Russia is a scapegoat. Russia at some point can only count on its military strength, when it is surrounded and harassed by people such as RFERL journalists. I hope that Russian diplomacy will stop cooperating with Iran which threatens the international order with its many nuclear warheads. But – not to mention the issue of nuclear accidents, silenced in the West and in China (yes in China) but a very big thing everytime a nuclear reactor in Russia even farts (not to mention the long-running gag of the “Mayak ruthenium“) – Russia clearly today is an actor that has more legitimate interests and points to make than any other permanent member of the UN Security Council.

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