Another aftereffect of depleted uranium in Iraq : electricity network blackout every summer

Iraq suffers from tremendous electricity shortages every summer. The minister of electricity is the usual scapegoat. The effect comes in fact from the depleted uranium dust. The alpha activity creates + charges that permanently drink on the electrons of the wires. Hot temperatures in summer sublevate the DU dust, bringing it closer to the wires. Alpha shots and the shuriken effect conjugate as well in damaging the isolating layers around the wires when they’re still isolated. Hence they get a permanent blackout in summer…

The recent programming of nuclear reactors in Iraq creates a new hope of ending the DU issue someday (recycling as fuel…) even though cleaning even with magnets is a long work because of the mild radioactivity of DU but let’s also hope these reactors will follow the recommendation I always make of setting the cores subcritical, with a spallation source of some kind. Or else with the extreme summer heat a tornado will come to destroy the reactors. My olive frame subcritical concept (International Journal of Physics 8-4-2) has been thought for the long rivers and fits with a country such as Iraq. It’s safe and longstanding. Iraq doesn’t need a few huge reactors but needs a big dozen of olive frame subcriticals along its rivers. They need decentralization and the olive frame is quite impervious to diversion of fuel. That’s why it’s good.

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