Retchlags and missiles in the USSR

A word of memory for the findings of millions of peoples’ ashes in this 1955 atomic test in Semipalatinsk.

So to be precise it’s the Steplag and Karlag area, the very large concentration area of the Karaganda that was wholly wiped out. Strikes by gulag inmates had started after the death of Stalin, and Soviet Armed forces progressively destroyed strikes. In this area the wiping out was total. New cities built afterward. Reading Anne Applebaum gives indirect indications. Large camps. Few indications on work tasks. Disappears in ulterior data, A. Applebaum talks of burned soils… small troves of document dug and found under the soil. War deportees including Werhmacht / Nazis, or Jews victims of Khruschchev ? Likely had they been mixed in the classical “war between bitches and mafiosos” organized by the NKVD in Stalin’s gulags.

You can also see below the early case of the RDS-1 there. 3 000 victims in.

I’m keeping the nice title from Russia Beyond that underlines it’s a cloak system i.e. the beautiful plutonium out, in the making of the sphere, the plutonium full of human blood, flesh in. So the scientists doing the assembly don’t see it.

A system was invented in which primitive missiles are made with chains of human bodies. The tunnel uranium mining. People coming out of the uranium tunnel mine after forced work get locked in a long cylinder (laid like a mousetrap at the outside of the tunnel) and then chemically gassed. The cylinder verticalized, used as small nuclear reactor, creating a full human fuel missile. In the 1970s. A simple lateral rocket is added for aiming. So the bottom is then lighted up when need for firing comes. Bastion typically (self-defense missile).

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