The USS Bonhomme Richard fire: DU dismantlement done in a bad way

This fire in July 2020 surprised me. I could not find relevant relativistic neutron events… the fact is that there is a clear pattern leaving only one answer: dismantlement of DU ordnance within the premises of the carrier ship. Onboard.

There is a localized black cloud and a large area of white smoke with low energy. It is definitively obvious that Commander Scott Thoroman and his sailors undertook a process of DU dismantling involving the separation of the HEU tips and the DU ballasts. DU accumulated in a side of the boat. It is possible that its plutogenization was attempted onboard with a temporary reactor using some HEU tips, but with summer heat and solar neutrons it went supercritical. The fire spread and reached the area of the DU ballasts. That’s the main hypothesis. A smaller one involves the simple separation (HEU tips on a side, DU ballasts opposite) and an accidental detonation of a HEU tip (pressure detonators…) triggering a shockwave detonating more HEU tips and then spread of the fire. I also wondered whether in this ship some sailors could have REALLY believed that “DU armour piercing” only works with DU and let the tips in the middle of… water bottles believing this would stop a possible fire. This remains a possibility.

Some always ask questions when something is not done in synchronicity with the rest of the military (questions on fuel diversion) yet in this context of DU dismantlement the only answer for an onboard process is the fear of the change being seen i.e. fear that the former inclusion of the criminal DU ballasts be recognized.

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