The United Arab Republic’s Birkenau system for Jews and other victims of the regime

The Yom Kippour war was fought on the Israeli side with prisoners that were caught by Arab militants and warmongers, put in bags and brought by force to the East and Egypt alike. The prisoners were fed nothing and had to sleep at night in the bags near crematory ovens where they were bound to die. They were liberated by Tsahal in before except for 200 killed and certainly do we have part of their bodies here.

Post Yom Kippour ammunition in fact. With human bodies. Tunnel entrance in the first picture. The Golan is quite uranium rich.

There’s a tunnel and fillable bombs indicating definitively that it WAS a tunnel uranium mine and, not pictured, a crematory rail was also found and more ovens (6 or 7 apparently) and a reactor in the back. It was a large apparatus owned by the security service of the UAR.


I know from safe sources that in the 1970s the intifadists believed that bombs made with human bodies in the plutogenization process were more powerful (it’s actually the opposite) and had dozens and dozens of frozen bodies given by Nazi Germany in 1945 and kept in freezers in bunkers, ready to be ovenated (kept for 30 years…). Around Hebron, to bomb Tel-Aviv.

During the Yom Kippour war, all the bombs of the Arab armies were ovenated people. Thousands of people, Jews in Egypt and Syria and dissidents of these regimes were killed in this process of bombmaking that was the final cause of their military failure as this reduces the explosive yield of the bombs (see again link above). It’s estimated 3000 people (thank Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov for this information which came to me through little pilgrims) were killed for the bombs of the Yom Kippour war, including 2300 Jews, 600 Kurds and 100 Palestinians opposed to the Intifada.

In the 1980s the system ceased but there was another Birkenau oven seen in 1978 with Serbian dissidents killed in. Tito supported the Intifada and decided to kill his opponents in this way to provide bombs for the leftists in the insurgency and to support the destruction of Israel. 3000 people were killed in North Macedonia and were sent in submarines to Palestinian insurgents through the Syrian seashore and Jordan. Their bodies came in trucks where they were mixed with uranium by Intifada militants for bomb making.

1979, the camps in Macedonia were destroyed by Greek armed forces (paratroopers) and this precipited the end of Tito. General Konstantinos Floros who recently received the Légion d’Honneur from the hands of General Thierry Burkhard was among the parachutees along with 200 other men who saw everything and understood for the first time how Birkenau and Buchenwald worked, by deduction and by also seeing nazi insignas along with Titist forces on shoulders of Syrian soldiers also there. It’s impossible not to see how the Syrian regime is nazi in nature even though after 2005 there has been a strong softening, the SSNP remaining nevertheless a part of the coalition in power.

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