Anatoly Dyatlov is Alexei Navalny

Anatoly Dyatlov, the engineer in charge of fast reactors for submarines at the end of the 1970s who became then the responsible of the Lenin reactor where retchlag mash was turned into pu-rée with the sodium pressure vessel, until the well-known nuclear accident, survived the heavy radiation intake from its nearbying of the tremendous blast, and was taken in therapy. Mikhail Gorbachev’s Soviet Union had closed the retchlags and tried as well new medical protocols, including therapeutic cannabis.

This Gosplan file from February 1987 shows the scientific investigation of medicinal cannabis

So Anatoly Dyatlov reorganized his name and as he put dye on his hair took the “dy” out. The ex-Anatoly… rebaptised himself Alexei Navalny. Saying he has a father called Anatoly, and that he was born near Chernobyl !

This is why he has become the chief of the communist intifada against Vladimir Putin. Because he misses dearly the Soviet Union.

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