Preparing a Jewish scapegoat for DU weapons – the cases of Nixon and Mitterrand

Both Nixon and Mitterrand were known for far right sympathies: Nixon was known for antisemitic and racist words, and even the New York times reported on “accusations against Nixon”, aid to a former nazi reported by Democratic Rep. John Shelley. See also here.

The fact is that Mitterrand cooperated with Nazis during WW2 at least indirectly as he received the Francisque from Pétain and kept on working with known collaborators of the Vichy regime after WW2. He had taken part to racist demonstrations, riot-like (against the “métèques”) before WW2.

Both chose the strategy of having a Jewish scapegoat available while building up DU weapon arsenals. Nixon brought up Henry Kissinger for the negotiations with Vietnamese socialist forces while ordering for instance a massive bombing of Hanoï with DU on Christmas. Mitterrand chose Laurent Fabius as young (unexperimented) Prime Minister while testing DU weapons in Sauclières in particular with large deliberate fallout on civilians. It fell back on him with the “contaminated blood” story where a quiproquo between HIV contamination and DU contamination is obviously the key factor. Blood donations coming from the Sauclières area where DU was deliberately shot in the direction of civilians… just stamped as “contaminated”.

It’s actually possible to see vividly the main areas of human-triggered contamination in France in this map from the Institut National du Cancer. Canjuers shows up vividly with the westward drift. Sauclières with the large orange stain in the eastward direction of the shots. Biscarosse (DU bombs airdropped) shows a bit in orange and Vaujours as well north of Paris. French statistics are the best !

In both cases it’s about having a Jewish scapegoat ready in case the plan fails. It’s a similar protocol in which Colin Powell was the Black man picked to be the one bringing up the “anthrax” at the UN…

I will also underline that Gerald Ford and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing cooperated on DU weapons by jointly choosing to make heavier aircraft carriers to have the ability to carry DU weapons. Giscard d’Estaing let the Ayatollah Khomenei take shelter in Paris from 1978 to 1979. It’s a coordinated project. The flagship Iranian reactor is about recycling DU. The project of feeding indirectly Iran through DU bombings is a long-established project.

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