Ukraine’s Javelin missiles with depleted uranium being readied for battle

Ukraine has recently received foreign military support with among other things Javelin antitank missiles and fielded them in training against a tank target. All the data presented by the Ukrainian military confirms that these Javelins have depleted uranium warheads. The missiles weigh 50 pounds each (a bit more than 22 kilograms) and can travel a flabbergasting 1,5 km. The clouds above are literally carried by the warheads as they are fired (so the clouds are behind the soldiers before fire and pass in front of them after) and the darkening of the tank target is total.

The Ukrainian strategy obviously combines DU Javelins with the later use of the Shturm-SM, a mechanized infantry vehicle with an incinerator included. The enemy soldiers having been gassed with the DU Javelins, they would be brought in, cremated (plutogenization process) and the ashes with the Pu239 poured into a primitive warhead for the missile launcher.

The Javelin missiles’ depleted uranium remain a terrible threat for the environment that will make it impossible to live in until magnet cleaning is enforced and even this remains a work that requires several passings to be somehow satisfactory. It’s a crime to use these weapons and the Ukrainians’ belief they have achieved military superiority is gullible with respect to the low range and weight of these weapons.


  1. Where are you getting your intel from? Javelin uses a tandem shaped charge warhead; depleted uranium is useless in constructing those. I can find no documentation or verifiable information anywhere that supports claims of DU usage anywhere in the construction of any mark of the FGM-148 Javelin–in fact, using such a dense metal would be counterproductive in a weapon intended to be manportable.

    If you’ve got a reputable source for that claim I’d LOVE to see it.

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