The 9-11 attacks included obviously a protocol to “gas the Jews” of Brooklyn

The zyklon B gas is in fact uranium. The crematory ovens were plutogenization systems. The 9-11 attacks were done by people aware that most planes have depleted uranium ballasts, this is obvious when looking at the data afterward. The plume of DU of the crashes is the explanation of the thousands of illnesses around Manhattan after the attacks. It is apparent that the plotters looked at the weather and calibrated their angle to spray all of Brooklyn with depleted uranium. The Twin Towers were quite close to its center and the north-to-south wind on that day allowed them to hope to “gas the Jews”. One plane coming from the North, the other from the South after a half-turn, so the DU gets evenly spread on Brooklyn after it is pushed by the winds.

See also : 20 years after, more victims from the illnesses than from the 9-11 attacks themselves.

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