Is the Ukrainian population being taken hostage with DU weapons ?

I have found out that more DU weapons have been delivered to Ukraine (in what seems definitively to be some NATO members building a DU curtain…). The M141 SMAW-D with their grand range of 500 meters carry a big load of DU in their back.

More scandalous maybe the quite clear attempt at doing a specific show range area for me, if I am not mistaken, with “FP”… is that the “3rd show area for Florent Pirot”? Because there indeed it’s a clean plutonium bomb that is used with a thermal flash and a rapidly rising thin white cloud.

More observation shows other test areas very strongly polluted with DU. See this :

See that dark heavy plume after a M141 SMAW-D live shot

I think that the plans may involve the hope that Russian forces bomb the arsenals ladden with these DU weapons creating a large radiotoxic cloud that they would be blamed of causing intentionally (or with their own weapons), so to claim “Russia is committing another Holodomor”. It’s possible.

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