Dmitro Kuleba’s Aktion T4 plant with oncology department victims and the Marioupol maternity hospital

One oncology department in Melitopol received a Triga subcritical following my model (correctly set on a flat soil). The explosion during a Russian attack shows it was a plutogenizing unit and not an electricity producing unit. The patients evacuated, hospital fully empty. See on Ukraine and nazi ideology this and this important report on why the war started but you will better understand why President Vladimir Putin talks of the need to denazify Ukraine below.

first step of the explosion, the water tube gets filled with Pu and is vividly bright, becomes visible through the walls

There is almost no plume and lots of light. The core was very plutogenized and ready for extraction. Against all laws of war in an hospital. But there is worse.

Kharkov saw a large explosion afterward. Dominated by russophones. There is no doubt that it is the bodies of that oncology department above. Euthanazy of the patients is certain and the chimneys with their black smoke along complete the picture of the crematory oven area that also uses the Triga subcritical concept with water tubes at the left causing extended flashes with the water vapor. Retrieval of the uranium, plutonium, other actinides… from Chernobyl in their tumours.

the water tube on the left of the main area is visible there

It’s a long dire fire with rising bullet-like fireballs indicating the tumours of the euthanized oncology patients were taking fire. This is confirmed also by the use by the Ukrainian military of such bombs. Blood in the explosion together with traces of “nep nep” powder used to liquefy. Pro Ukrainian source that also showed the bullet rifling of a Russian soldier that had gotten hand of an Ukrainian truck and camo.

Thanks to my source Aleph (who supports the Ukrainian side but gives interesting news everyday – he is looking for funding currently by the way) for these very interesting pictures.

The same thing is found in Marioupol’s maternity. A Triga subcritical again. Women used as cannonfodder in a new way, with the abortion of babies from contamination with DU and plutonium & Chernobyl remains. The Triga subcritical exploded from inside and has spread plaques of the walls in a distinctive pattern that reproduces the shape of it and a mist area shows Bose Einstein condensation with a portion of the radioactive materials poured out by the blast.

The pattern of bloodspill on a bed confirms the argument of a forced abortion of the last young woman shown kicked out by Ukrainian soldiers.

See here the pattern of the Triga subcritical inside the building as well as the “mist pond” from ejectates of the Triga.

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