Zelenskyi’s retchlags – confirmation he does uranium extermination (2d update with satellite data)

I was told yesterday by whispers that Zelenskyi has retchlags – uranium extermination camps. I could not believe it. I now have found the exact PROOF with a truckload of retchlag fuel somehow damaged by a Russian strike.

Human flesh does not burn well as I have shown elsewhere. But the strike has spread a very thick flow of uranium dust all around.

So the uranium dust around and the truckload transportation confirm the fact. It’s freshly made fuel and not old stored stuff from Soviet era times. It’s not rotten but yellow like the Chernobyl RBMK stuff. They kept that technology alive.

It’s also proven that Shturm-SM tanks (see this very important article on why it explains the Russian special operation) started their cremation process with a plutogenization accident this morning… The cloud shows the human victim put to lay in the nuclear core for plutogenization. There is approximatively 20% plutogenization. Solar neutrons of the rising sun burst it.

One can see the cloud comes from the rear of the fire.

The fact of having a cremation tank atop a concrete building reminds me only of one thing: North Korea’s juche ideology. It’s un four crématoire juché sur une tour. Like the artificial light on the shape of the pseudo sickle and hammer of their symbol atop a tower that is the main monument of the NoKo regime. Which mixes far rightism and far leftism exactly like Zelenskyi does. (There are also clear indications of a cooperation between Belarus and North Korea and Lukashenko actually refused to break links with Zelenskyi…)

His nazi principles were confirmed by that aktion T4-like protocol and it’s chilling to see how the Russian strike on an inhabitation tower this morning shows an empty building, no victims of the strike. Emptying of flats was a symptom of the USSR’s extermination process… see “how the RBMK eats” if you don’t know that fuel. Blood stains in some parts. Slight Prussian blue contamination (uranium coloured in blue, the Zyklon B system). Fuel of mixed origins. Zelenskyi’s regime is EVIL. Full fledged totalitarianism. Ask yourselves how the Ukrainian population can rebel with such watchtowers.

Update : more proof has come.

This is a plant where uranium mine victims were turned into the rectangular pieces then compressed. See the uncompressed rectangular in the middle and the blood contamination in the fire.
Not an ambulance but another truck carrying retchlag fuel. The fire only takes in the bottom of the truck. The uranium is sublevated by the heat but its heavyness makes for a very close to the ground plume.

More study has proven that one Soviet-age tunnel uranium mine north of Kherson (Cholovets) has been reopened altogether with Prussian blue tinctures (dyes) agriculture. The combinate has several tunnel uranium mines.

North-west for a group of uranium tunnel mines, some others also visible on their south (west of the map)
More tunneling and, atop, Prussian blue crops
A group of tunnel entries just above the road at the south and collapses showing tunneling north of it

Here is also another Zyklon B system of the Zelenskyi regime, trains with a uranium shower and a mechanical press to compact the victims into fuel bars. The compress is visible through its window tracks, with a victim being killed live in front of passersby, in a “celebration of the Ukrainian flag” (and also of the EU adhesion promise, clearly).

Live “reactoring” of a child to terrify

The train is in station and the window locked. The mobile gas chamber – plutogenization system is obviously for train power…

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