Russian armed forces are trying to clean the fallout of the DU weapons of the Zelenskyi regime

This is a Tigr-Magnet truck. Robotically piloted at a distance. One was attacked by Ukrainian armed forces or civilians. You can see the dark dust, sparkling, in the air in the rear. Piloted from the Kamaz truck that went along certainly. The Tigr M has a magnet and drops the DU dust in its rear.

Here at work : you can see the attraction of the uranium dirt on the roof (it moves)

The Russian armed forces try to reduce the contamination. Because it is blatant that Ukrainian ultranationalists have a plan that involves having as much depleted uranium, uranium appauvri (UA) on Ukrainian cities to foster Ukrainian nationalism by blaming the Russians for the destruction of their NLAWs, Javelins, SMAW-D….

Units like that are protected by the most ancients rules of nature. The robotic harvesting and the choice to enter while they are not in control of the full city dismantles 100% of the nazi argument about “it’s a gassing truck” (and anyway in war those who want to kill civilians can do it in a large number of ways). Year of the Tiger and impressive methods. To protect civilians in an indiscriminate way. Just sad to see units like that hit by the enemy.

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