More on why Soviet Ukraine is being invaded by the Russian Federation

I have shown on my blog the existence of various uranium showers (gas chambers) in Ukraine.

In addition to that civilian system of genocide, here is another Ukrainian tank, that spills from the Soviet BTR-70. I don’t know much on the Soviet version. On Afghanistan 1980’s the CIA reports ONE use of a “radioactive weapon” that corresponds to a later Pravda article about Cf252 guns (refridgered in a rover). The war was called Shturm 333 and was it’s clear not a DU war but a war with only fissile actinides and that failed because communism is less resilient than Islam.

This Ukrainian 511 tank, the code corresponds to SU as well, has the ability to plutogenize under its hull. One opening at the bottom to empty the ashes. Before that a pushing system (exactly like a sickle) brings up the Pu239 into the side roller. In which a rocket tube is then inserted.

The exhaust opening also allows ash vacuuming in a typical pattern

This weapon is akin in nature to the Shturm-SM which has a triga subcritical-like crematory oven.

The Ukrainian Stugna P is in the genealogy of the Soviet Ataka, an ATGM with retchlagmash. Seen in function the Stugna-P sprays basically retchlagmash as well, with some retchlag / police uranium shower victims carrying Chernobyl fallout remains (slaves for the ISF-2 filling up ?) a particularly sparkly (yet inefficient of course as always with human flesh) effect.

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