More uranium crimes against humanity of the Ukrainian forces (updated)

First please check out the gallery of horrors of the Ukrainian regime. This article adds more to an already large panorama.

One theater used to “shield children” in Mariupol was an antitank weapon factory on the Aktion T4 principle, handled by the Azov battalions. The “deti” (children) sign on a side, the badly drawn kid face on another… in fact a crematory oven area. Which is blatant after the Russian strike with the black ash remains in the middle.

The tread inside reminds me of the small pot-ovens along the big gas chamber / reactors of Birkenau
Before. Red roof for avoiding blood being seen in case of explosion. Thermal tiles for heat isolation.

Cases of reusing by Ukrainian forces of captured Grad missiles. They harvest babies in hospitals and gas them then plutogenize, the powder filled in the rockets. Happened in Kharkov where looots of heavy smoke reduced the gassing needs.

After a plutogenization accident, the shape of the babies visible in the smoke
The nazis bringing their filled rockets into a truck. Shape of the building used for rocket filling, with an accident, above. “It’s a Grad so we make it in the city”
Children’s hospital, emptied beds
When the zyklon B long rocket hits the ground

A bit of philosophy. A Ukrainian filmmaker did a movie on the Babi Yar massacre. It shows the history neutrally, without banter or annoying music. The movie shows how many Ukrainians welcomed Nazis happily. The realisator, Serguei Loznitsa, was dismissed from the Ukrainian Film Academy for being “too cosmopolitan”. The words used by Sismondi about bankers…

So I questionned myself when the mayor of Lviv forced citizens of Ukraine’s most Jewish city to stay in shelters…

A few hours after the mayor’s orders. Looks like a shelter was turned into a gas chamber and got a plutogenization accident. The bloody explosion rocks it from the bottom. It’s not a strike that caused that blast.
Shape of two babies in the plume. Likewise oven-bunker accident very clear.
Jewfuel depot. Blood fire.

Near Kyiev another gas chamber and reactor destroyed.

The gas chamber (uranium poured from the roof)
The reactor area in fire (early part of the same video as above)

Besides, some examples of Ukrainian forces striking with depleted uranium warheads :

The NLAW sandwich, depleted uranium on both sides, highly enriched uranium in the center

Ukrainian depleted uranium strike on Donetsk :

DU attracts the mist

In the 17th century the Khmelnitsky Uprising involved the massive extermination of Ukrainian Jews with an estimate of 200 000 victims.

I did not knew that when emailing the Ukrainian nuclear power plant where Westinghouse is bringing its nuclear core technology last November trying to make suggestions regarding energy shortages in winter. US involvement in Ukraine, the two countries that always vote against the UN resolutions denouncing nazism… I really emailed naively thinking I was writting to enlightened people linked to a modern US private company.

the “transitory recipients” are the ISF, interim storage facility, actually olive frame subcriticals but with the ability to be directly turned into cannons.

The contract between Westinghouse and Ukraine’s Energoatom was signed in the middle, just after my first email. “Wood” was interpretated by these nazis the way it was used in Birkenau : gassed bodies (rigidified by Fermionic condensation) before the cremation. They went for it. Did it massively. That’s what happened and is certainly still happening.

It’s clear Khmelnitsky NPP has been built there for nazi projects. The commemoration of the 17th Century genocide and more to do.

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