Bucha : mass use of crematory oven tanks by Ukrainian forces – bodies pulled to be incinerated – caught in action they blame Russia

Ukrainian forces fired with depleted uranium in Bucha or perhaps simply took opportunity of their earlier uses of DU weapons combined with the destruction of Russian magnet-cleaning units. Then started to pull the corpses for cremation in oven / reactor & plutogenization but were Caught in the Act and blamed Russia ! (I have already shown how Ukraine got lots of DU weapons and planned this strategy of combination with crematory ovens, early with the case of the Shturm-SM tank)

What a respect for bodies. Garbage bags. Pile in a van.
Whereas you can see all the black dust around destroyed vehicles, you also can see how all the bodies are “found” on the soil in the same direction, one hand out, they were being pulled by SBU / Ukr military henchmen when these butchers were surprised by journalists. So they stopped and said Russian forces shot them.

I have shown extensively the nazicommunist practices of the Ukrainian regime – see here, here, here and here as well as here and here.

Regarding the Ukrainian Soviet-heritage tanks with crematory ovens in, discussed there (early version of the Shturm-SM presented early on my blog and visible in the first of the links above), here is one that exploded while incinerating someone.

The black ash down under and the blood staining the hull indicate a plutogenization accident while “working” on a body

Same ash :

Poured after plutogenization from the rear switch of the tanks and a cross added later

It’s clear the destroyed tanks in Bucha were Ukrainian tanks. It’s possible in fact they had an accident during plutogenization with human bodies in like the above. Maybe no weapons were fired in this case but earlier use of DU by Ukrainian forces was put to the work by incinerating contaminated civilians and it blew up.

That’s an Ukrainian Shturm-SM or BTR with crematory oven seen in Bucha on April 2d. Russia had already withdrawn its troops.
Slight remains of yellow paint on the “511 (BTR 80?)” and lots of blood stains

One plutogenization accident (supercriticity) blew up other tanks around. Bucha : “bûches – a”, the meaning “were wood”, in the Nazi jargon of Birkenau where crematory oven victims are “wood” and the “a” suggests past tense, it was Enacted by the Ukrainian forces.


In this case pseudo-olive frame subcriticals on the model of the Interim Storage Facility-2 (but smaller) were made (by the Azovstal plant certainly) to recycle human “mash” (victims of gassing, from Aktion T4, from retchlag or some other crematory oven). Russian soldiers seized them hoping to get that analyzed in a lab to get DNA remains. Were fired at while leaving the warfield.

By the way Marianna (“Mapu Mapu”) spoke. She acknowledged she was kicked out of her hospital bed by Ukrainian soldiers.

They wanted her uranium-rich foetus as feed for a fission-powered tank left by Russian forces. A spinning motor made from this. They burst it by putting human flesh in.

The Zelenskyi regime is a bunch of criminals against humanity. Regarding the question on civilian bunkers used as gas chambers in Lviv there is more data. This is a very telling explosion. Blood filled.

Lviv did not support Zelenskyi at the 2019 elections and I am extremely worried

It’s just another stone on the wall of horrors. Check out carefully the links in the article please.

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