Another group of crematory ovens in Ukraine & more visual proof (shocking images)

The Ukrainian regime combines the sins of neoliberalism (depleted uranium weapons), nazism (crematory ovens) and communism (uranium extermination mines (the product partly used in the biowarfare labs) and other Soviet death tech).

I have shown on my blog how the nuclear blast of the mobile crematory ovens in Bucha created series of small radioactive plumes drifting to western Europe and showing very well the shapes of the exploded crematory oven tanks and their victims (as well as the key murderer who pressed too strong on a core and triggered the blast). Bodies had been gathered on the road after heavy depleted uranium bombing for harvesting by the tanks, it was interrupted.

Here are more cases with fixed crematory ovens within Mariupol and at-home making of the AT weapons from the uranized flesh in bathtubes. Frequently going wrong with bloody fires happening…

A gas chamber and the pillaged goods laid along
The accidented room along

Link showing the immediate proximity of the gas chamber and of the accidented room of the above.

I had noted already that “ATB” shops offered to civilians material for such homemade antitank weapons with flesh.

Note also the blue roof codeword for the Prussian blue used in tinctures of uranium (by nazis in Birkenau and in Ukraine) as well as the human shape in the middle of the black cloud at the bottom right

Another gas chamber and accidented room just next to it :

Same video for the two pictures – external link

From Bucha, the actual pictures provided by Zelenskyi have exemplified very well the… well system that is one version of the crematory oven / reactor used by the Ukrainian SBU and armed forces in a push system for accelerating neutrons along with e.g. saltwater in addition to the bodies of the victims of their own depleted uranium weapons.

Lots of internal haemorraghies from DU.
These children are less contaminated so they are grouped in a single core
Victim of DU readied by the SBU to be harvested by a crematory oven tank with tires and textile added for the plutonium output to be visquous thanks to the tires and directly gathered into cloth

It’s simply another proof of the tremendously criminal nature of the Zelenskyi regime. Cooking civilians, even childrens to plutogenize after bombing them with depleted uranium weapons.

Another large Triga-subcritical with human flesh and blood exploded yesterday evening.

Shape of the Triga subcritical and of the electric control unit for a laser accelerator all exploding together very obvious

The crematory oven tanks (Shturm SM, 511 / BTR80 so far as I know) are extremely exothermic during plutogenization because neutrons are accelerated with heat and shielding reduces tank mobility. The large nuclear accident in Bucha corresponds with the cooling down of Europe this early April in a chilling way. Why did we have so hot a January ? I think you can guess my opinion.

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