What happened in Kramatorsk : Ukrainian SBU discards the retchtrain (gas chamber & crematory oven combined train) method, choses the Tochka-U as substitute

There is clear proof that the Kramatorsk train station was full of people that the SBU intended to kill in crematory oven trains and with a fixed gas chamber in containers along the station.

the number 501 proves it is of the same family as the 511 one of the Ukrainian crematory oven tanks. The openings above to pour the uranium, a kind of dosimeter suspended to the left and receptacles to gather the plutogenized human flesh when it it done. Picture from Nice Matin.

Below a reminder with such a train at work.

See the SBU guy on the phone while one car is set on fire obviously to create a veil of smoke and get the people in the station intoxicated with the alpha emitters in the smoke. Nuclear accidents with such trains and the information that exothermy makes it visible on infrared sensors led them to research alternative solutions for their final solution.

Here the plume remains of such a train with the hollow receptacle designated with an arrow. The plume reached the French Riviera (cf. also Bucha) – rules of Earth’s spin, cf. Chernobyl.

Receptacle obviously hollow because the energy of the blast of the accident kicked everything upward !
This SBU agent, during the “panick” reminds the other SBU guys that the people has to be showered with uranium whatever the costs by holding a cage (symbolic uranium receptacle) above their heads. See how the other guy with a cap looks at him, mischievously trying to think of a solution… to enforce the final solution.

So this is why Ukrainian forces fired a Tochka-U onto the train station before leaving the base of the missile around and pretending Russia did it.

The blue containers are another gas chamber. Prussian Blue-ready. Did the SBU read about exothermy of the plutogenization and looked for another way or did they fear another nuclear accident ? Here they directly rifled the people. See how they handle their guns. Depleted uranium bullets making the guns heavy.

An example of retchtrain accident : the press making the human swabs went awry and it exploded the whole with the sea of blood bursting above the black ash of the human remains + U-Pu mix.

Another accident in a retchtrain :

First image: several presses went awry simultaneously in the fire (they were obviously plutogenizing in a group of wagons at the same time) – second image, the blast sublevates on the left the structures atop the wagon, that serve for pouring uranium – these were contaminated with depleted uranium so they are part of the fire and the explosion down under expands them (because the explosion is right under these structures that served for pouring uranium the shockwave under goes in all directions and the structures are “pulled and expanded”… like for instance the walls of the arsenal in the 2017 Kalinovka blast

Re Kalinovka see here. Every time I see the SBU I think of the 2012 movie The Dark Knight Rises… same methods really. They are this worst case scenario.

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