In Odessa mass plutogenization with corpses in bathrooms of buildings – unveiled by a Russian strike

I have already explained the “ATB” system of homemade plutogenization by committed “citizens” (nazis, SBU…) after gassing of regime victims (in that case essentially with fixed gas chambers but depleted uranium taken from e.g. dismantled SMAW-D missiles, the most easy to separate, or national stocks) where bathtubes in private inhabitation buildings (high rise) serve as plutogenization cores. “Antitank track B”. See at the end of this article, and here for more. This was again ongoing in Odessa. Radars can detect quite simply lots of accumulates of alpha emitters with the e- loss ratio and its direction. This is called the SABR in NATO and used for instance by F16 Vipers (very very useful technology). Missiles as well and it’s clear the Kalibr does that. The SABR is excellent to target primitive Pu239/240 weapons and these are the main product of gas chambers….

The strike itself is clean, the plume full of building concrete rises fast.

Concrete dust pollutes the plume but it’s still light

Later data shows black ash flying very low. In large amounts. “18 injured” say the Ukrainian regime, the Hitler codeword clear.

You don’t wanna see the Odesa bikini beachgoer pictured with a nazi hooked cross tatoo on her bum and Hitler on her hand as well as Ukrainian regime signs – 2021,
It’s so dark and low flying….

Victims of the Ukrainian military, its nazis and SBU are simply integrated into the tally of “victims of the Russian invasion” as usual. The system is simple, even when they lose they “win” which is why it is so interesting to play the game of DU weapons and gas chambers. It’s a terrorist game with many versions – read up the most recent news and look in my featured articles on this website. Here is another proof of gas chamber with building bathtubes in Mariupol in this “ATB system”.

Also from aleph @no_itsmyturn – stocks of depleted uranium in Prussian blue in tents of the same colour to hide stains, near a small concrete gas chamber, vehicles to handle the bodies inbetween the houses and the gas chamber (just next to it and to the blue coloured DU repository), and massive series of accident remains in bathrooms from plutogenization of human victims going wrong… (all the burned flats) – and I have seen other suspicious buildings as well in Mariupol in addition to all what I have published

That’s why Ukrainian regime supporters are scandalized by Russian forces “digging graves” in Mariupol (from satellite data, recent news). They don’t understand that bodies are buried. They thought that Russian forces would behave like them and incinerate their enemies for plutonium

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