Is the Ukrainian side doing better now in the conflict ? Human rights update.

There have been many more small crimes against peace since my last articles. In my opinion there are several outstanding cases :

  • the use of crematory ashes cans (which I sometimes call zyklon B cans), so human ashes & Pu239/DU warheads to target the rear of Russian tanks to pretend they have a crematory core. One BAE United States-Made “APKWS 2” rocket is actually sold by the company in a way that underlines that property.

I saw this weapon being used, noticing strange black clouds rising behind Russian tanks in a vertical way indicating that it did not come from the inside but from an external arrow (presupposing initially that crematory oven cans could be fired from an airborne railgun…).

The moral issue with BAE’s rocket is that it has a SABR system that relies on the poor plutonium yield of crematory ovens to avoid electron loss, so the four-points system can be put behind the warhead and it is quite penetrative. It is, altogether with the death penalty in the USA, a “calculation” (“BAE USA x death penalty x internal regime of an armed force”), also, but the way it is sold, in their official video, shows it is promoted for total war, in the same way Adolf Hitler faked a Polish invasion of Germany in 1939 to justify his blitz.

Another case of faking : fresh Z paint laid by Ukrainian soldiers on the rear of one of their old crematory oven tanks.

  • The use by Ukrainian artillery groups of a combination of depleted uranium and chlorine in strikes to not only “brain kill” (from a wicked application of my Porto Biomedical Journal article…) but also immediately “ready for the oven” since chlorine is good for plutogenization. I documented these cases on my Instagram :

This strategy of mass destruction and efficient plutogenization of the captured victims (see my second Instagram link above) is extremely chilling, it is disgusting and will certainly stay in the military books as “quite efficient”, it remains that even though (set aside the crime against humanity that is negating one’s right to a sepulture) the plutogenization is more efficient with chlorine, the resulting shells are much less efficient than with clean plutonium (moderated without blood and flesh) and that it is also more difficult to magnet clean plutogenized material with human flesh & blood that reduces magnet efficiency (not to mention that flesh & blood absorb fission products, beta- emitters that totally cancel magnets).

Two more Ukrainian gas chambers, one gas chamber-reactor accidented in Kyiev (as the SBU was gassing Ms Vera Girich),

She was risen in a fireball that went through a roof stock of non-dyed uranium that was the package used for gassing in the chamber where she was killed. She had worked for an Israeli Embassy and a bit within RFERL and the ultramachism of the Ukrainian regime obviously motivated her killing.

and a larger one along with a crematory oven destroyed by a Russian strike, as a Russophone was being gassed, with later Ukrainian servicemen coming without any enthusiasm to “save” him, another beheaded corpse plume remains being visible above.

Ukrainian regime accounts of “60 victims in the strike” lead to an estimate of 59 people having been executed by the Ukrainian regime in this gas chamber together with one SBU man eliminated in the strike.

Another case below with crematory ovens… Compacted then in a retchlagmash-style press (possibly plutogenized in a Fermionic condensator diverted for these purposes), and in the energy of the firing it redeploys.

Here a group of Ukrainian soldiers used a nuclear core serving as shell catapult to cremate a person that had surrendered.

There exists a cantilever-carrying Kamaz-like Western-made truck that can be used to uranium-shower people passing through a temporary border with very tough controls, for instance. This system, based on a Rheinmetall truck (I cannot confirm that Rheinmetall did the cantilever) and which I find acceptable for the border with Belarus (as opposed to the border with Russia), has clearly been used here in Ukraine and the shell used by this tank comes from that.

The Wagner Group also stumbled on a small primitive gas chamber made by Ukrainian militias, using a roof channel for uranium in a pit, while approaching Kyiev.

And since there are never enough provokations against Russia it seems…

Ensuring a steady SUPPLY of uranium after wasting such a tremendous amount in Ukraine…

Not to mention Lockheed Martin’s decision after Joe Biden’s visit to relaunch Javelin production… I hope the company will turn all of the new Javelins into fuel rods for Fermionic condensate subcriticals which allow to power lasers or powerful catapults for Pu-tipped rockets.

In more optimistic news ;

  • Plutonium shells of a good quality, without human flesh as moderator seem eventually to have reached the Western side of the country, including one Ukrainian artillery unit seen using an Excalibur shell that is clearly clean (perhaps was it replutogenized vs. the traditional Excalibur, in… a Siemens “Solid Edge” tokamak ? ).
The shell, though, is used onto a target that had been pre-anesthezied with the combination of a crematory ash low caliber shell (Pu/DU combination, for those who don’t follow) and a chlorine strike. It’s nevertheless pleasing to see the energy brought in by the last Ukrainian artillery shot.
  • I also noticed one horizontal impact, extremely clean elimination of a Russian tank (very unlike all what had been seen before), that could correspond to a French-made railgun firing a Caesar shell replutogenized with a Fermionic subcritical condensator. The Ascalon in my opinion.
  • Magnet-equipped German-made artillery being donated to the Ukrainian side :

There also exists a new US Air Force system called Thor which is an honest magnet, nuclear-powered, allowing the capture at a distance of plutonium clouds from USAF strikes (some limited efficiency on DU). There is no data on whether it has been deployed yet (the available picture suggests a subcritical core and a simple vacuum suction pump under the parabolic magnet ; the system also allows taking down drones carrying Pu warheads for instance and that is how it is presented).

But on May 9th another Russian Tigr-M magnet unit was destroyed by an Ukrainian strike :

One can see how BEHIND the Tigr-M the soil is cleaner (how it had magnet-cleaned DU while advancing), and how in its front-left side where it was impacted by the Ukrainian strike the DU it had accumulated has scattered. The shadows are related to the DU’s limited alpha activity bringing clouds above it and they are also diffracted by the shuriken effect (vs. behind the Tigr-M where shadow lines are sharp).

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