Ukrainian M777s used with locally-made DU and zyklon B bombs

The deliveries of US M777s have been accompanied with plutonium bombs also provided by the US Army, that have been sometimes used by the Ukrainian regime armed forces. See below.

Powerful and efficient, almost no smokes

But the Ukrainian soldiers have also used in these artillery guns their own local weapons, the depleted uranium bombs they frequently use, and crematory ash bombs (from humans incinerated after gassing…). The M777 has a small railgun patch. It makes it very efficient with plutonium shells. But the lower quality shells made with human ashes (sometimes I just say zyklon strikes) also benefit somehow from the electrical boost (and even DU weapons).

One rising head of a cremated victim can be seen in the middle of this plume. Human victim incinerated in a chlorinated mix.
Very heavy mix with incinerated human ashes in it.
That’s a DU strike on a posh house.
Depleted uranium & crematory ashes combined with low plutogenization (not chlorinated).
Can you see the small black cloud in the middle ? It’s a shell with cremated human ashes.

This source also has very disgusting data.

Zyklon strikes benefitting from the railgun effect for more impact
The speed with which the shell comes makes no doubt it’s railgunned by a M777. Zyklon shell again.

The black powder coming out of the mouth of these M777s in Ukrainian hands is another clear indication the shells are made with crematory oven ashes. In the gun at detonation the superficial layers are fractalized and spread around the mouth behind the shell. This black ash is another indication.

The narrow specifics of the Ascalon railgun provided in French military aid to Ukraine makes it much less likely to be diverted for illegal weapons than the large caliber M777 gun. Many illegal shells of the Ukrainian armed forces, with DU or human ashes, are necessarily fit for the M777. Some limited footage also suggested diversion of the French Caesar artillery with zyklon shells.

Here’s more on the M777 :

Heavy zyklon shell, badly plutogenized, fired by M777 artillery
Zyklon shells in the Caesar – a victim, head and legs, resurfacing (giraffe of the Kyiev zoo in this case)

Not everything is scumbag level. In addition to the first case with US-made plutonium shells in the M777, here is a good strike with French-provided Caesar :

But it remains much easier to find dirty strikes than to find such good, clean results. The Ukrainian army is committing crimes against humanity by striking systematically with depleted uranium weapons and using material from crematory ovens which the Ukrainian security services provided with the gassing of civilians… Not to mention the gas chambers that have been massively targeted by Russian strikes, the gassing of civilians is frequently open air.

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