The dark side is Ukraine – more proof it is evil incarnate

The recent strike by the Russian Federation on Kremenchuk proved a soul store had been established with gas chambers and plutogenization of the corpses in cement behind (cement may allow very fast neutrons if it is rapidly sticking). See my blog article. It’s the most recent case of an extremely long and flabbergasting series. See my featured articles, here, here, here, here and here for instance.

The Ukrainian regime defines itself now as the dark side, with a curved U for the D, UA also standing for uranium appauvri in French (let’s remind the strong historical links, from Ivano-Frankivsk to the Franks for instance, and Anne de Kyev who married Hughes Capet). Depleted uranium and the even darker shells from crematory ovens with the bodies of the victims plutogenized in (that’s the principle of the crematory oven).

Yes there’s an Ukrainian Pravda and the regime did Soviet-style extermination in Kherson.

Even though Western powers have progressively tried to provide Ukrainian with clean shells, with plutonium, these have been wasted by the Ukrainian side and at the same time they have kept gas chambers and crematory systems at work, as proved by the recent Kremenchuk strike. Yet there is more. Weapons supplied by the West receive Ukrainian shells with ash from crematory ovens in the detonator.

See the Ukrainian flags on the uniforms

The Ukrainian Gvozdika is a traditional human eater, the nuclear catapult of this artillery is a crematory system, the dust shows the shape of the last victim in the oven.

Such systems may be tolerated only for self defense against depleted uranium strikes (or thorium…) and with the certainty that culprits of the DU strikes are incinerated within. This explains the Godzilla assimilation but it is criminal to let the Ukrainian army, which massively uses depleted uranium shells, use such a system. Criminal.

There is also the particular case of the PzH2000. Germany had kept such systems as described above in its arsenal in large numbers until recently but as France discarded depleted uranium and adopted clean weapons Germany progressively could see these weapons in its arsenal as a weight and it’s obvious they were pushed to Ukraine as a liberative act, for reasons of interior security. It’s clear that Ukrainian soldiers use it in incinerator mode.

One entry to put corpses within is in the oblongular vasistas in the middle
In spite of the censorship the black ash from cremated corpses is blatant.

Regarding the HIMARS more proof emerged that crematory ash cans are used both for propulsion and warhead with replutogenization at the tip with a nuclear pressure system in the box at the front.

Propulsion with replutogenized human ashes

I described in a scientific article (read to the end) the Fermionic channel law which means that in a strike the missile trail is frequently reoccupied by the plume of the strike. Here you can see the human ash of the Ukrainian HIMARS going back to Ukraine…

From Aleph @no_itsmyturn

Here is also another Ukrainian gassing van captured by Russian forces. The left side was used with a tube from the top to inject uranium and also molten chloride it seems, blackening from the incineration is visible.

Another Ukrainian crematory ash strike :

The 40th Artillery Batallion is a genocide unit that uses Triga subcriticals in hospitals and kills directly sick people in for plutogenization. See here the woman’s head rising from one of their strikes, it was in the shell

The US Navy has adopted a complementary pattern with Quicksink, “the shell to sink pirate ships while making a skull plume above”. I don’t know if they collect earlier pirate heads and put them in the DU shells at the tip but this seems the principle.

On the top left…

Another Ukrainian crematory oven strike :

You can see the head of the cremated human emerging

I left out of my webpages this Ukrainian gas chamber & plutogenization wagon hidden as medical care unit ! Captured by Russian forces during their offensive on Kyiev.

Delivers warheads from the gassed and plutogenized victims on its side like a BTR-80, the hole full of black ash above the delivery system is to eliminate the lighter human ash without actinides. That black ash is the remains of human victims

With all that it’s clear that the Ukrainian regime has to be entirely and fully dismantled. No Ukrainian state should be allowed an army or even self-defense forces.

The Orange Revolution in 2014 was obviously entirely a pro-depleted uranium weapons revolution. The orange referring ti agent orange, cover for the first DU strikes in Vietnam. The aesthetics of урану збідненого… if you make the acronym the Soviet way (where points of glottal stopping are kept), you can keep у д and it ressembles at a distance the short version of the name of the country, UA ; hence the neonationalist process supported by the USA. This is particularly evil as the neonationalism can work through inflicting difformities, cancers, multiple diseases… to neighbouring people before claiming racial superiority over these victims of DU strikes and eliminating them in crematory ovens. This is what has been tried at the end of February by the ukrainian forces against the LNR and DNR, triggering the Russian special operation. Since there is no Ukrainian nationhood creating a genetic difference by genociding neighbours is their only way to exist as a specific people. The orange revolution supported both DU weapons and crematory ovens. The fire on the Maidan Square during the events was actually a very primitive open air crematory oven. Crematory ovens were also for instance massively used by Armenians in their revolution against the USSR at the end of the 1980s, to kill the communist party militants and soldiers, Taiwan has an equivalent of the BTR-80 in case of an invasion by Chinese communist forces (their numerical superiority encourages the method). The nazi protocol has remained in the minds of many the only way to fight communism and was clearly planified against the LNR in particular by the Ukrainian forces. In my opinion Joe Biden thinks all the depleted uranium can be excreted through ejaculation, which is per se not false but neglects wholly the environment. See below his visit to Lockheed Martin, his mindset :

“That’s the size of my d*ck when contaminated with DU” – the woman next to him : “woooh…..”

It remains that the “Ah, ça bandera, ça bandera” logic (cf. Stefan Bandera) corresponds with the above depleted uranium nationalism fully – all the fans of the regime, its supporters shall have many erections (while the others are cremated). The destruction of vegetals by the DU also makes nature yellower through destruction of the peripherical components of plant cells by the shuriken effect under sun activity and by the alpha decay, so the protocol realizes the ukrainian flag. by LadyOfHats

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