More gas chamber & crematory oven plants of the Ukrainian regime destroyed by Russian strikes

I have shown the Kremenchuk case on my blog, a tragic modernization of the crematory oven that emerged in a context while it is clear that the Ukrainian Army is provided weapons by the West to avoid that they make crematory ovens. This is clear. There have been nevertheless MORE crematory ovens dismantled by Russian strikes a few days ago, in Ivashko and Odessa and also in the Lysychansk refinery. Here is the data, very impressive in particular for Ivashko.

You can see the uranium shower remain on the middle of the top picture, leaving a black channel on the wall, the soil it contaminated (where people were gassed) kept on burning after the Russian strike, three crematory ovens lined on the right of the second picture.

Zoom on the crematory ovens. It’s black because it’s full of uranium and human ash, so it’s totally opaque.

The Odessa strike today in Bilhorod Dnistrovny shows as well on a side a crematory oven room. The walls were pushed out by the energy of the plutogenization within. The bottom walls tiled in blue to cover for Prussian Blue (also called Parisian Blue, the tincture used to cover the uranium and conceal it in many cases of gas chambers, the Zyklon B protocol in particular) contamination leaking out…

The large room in the middle hosted a gas chamber related to the above crematory oven (the uranium poured from very above into it, soils covers laid for rapid cleaning…) and its explosion contaminated the gravel and bricks around.

There is also a clear case for a plutogenization room with bodies in Lysychansk. The spinning tower system with a human put within also adopted in Kremenchuk and in the Retroville shop in Kyiev was also used in refineries. It happened earlier already.

“Illegal logging” in the Ukrainian Donbass is the clear cover for the mass killing in crematory ovens. “Wood” was the slang for the bodies after gassing in Birkenau. Because of the shape of the dessicated corpses under Fermionic condensation. I did not knew that when I tried to help Ukraine back in November 2021 and reached the Khmelnitsky NPP staff by email (having also never heard of the Khmelnitsky massacres that are a key Ukrainian national moment… up to 400 000 Jews massacred along the Polish Catholic clergy in the 17th Century) suggesting they harvest Chernobyl-contaminated fallen wood for subcritical nuclear power because winter was coming. It certainly excited the massacres (because they thought there was a secret meaning in my message). A mobster of the Ukrainian regime, Sergueï Gaidai, who posed with a mace once (symbolizing his cult of depleted uranium weapons), has closed under secrecy the information on logging in the Donbass from 2020 onward.

Mr Gaidai and his colleagues are preoccupied by the “Sharovists”, people who follow the idea of Vladimir Sharov, a writer who thinks that the Soviet Union continuated the Orthodox Church, in ways that go way beyond the arguments on Joseph Stalin and his Orthodox seminary training (there is a case, regarding that, it’s clear he destroyed Orthodox churches that were not conform to the pure faith but deviant) by arguing Lenin would have led a crusade of children to Jerusalem for instance. But the targeting concerns the “Sharov Kut“, it’s said to be the name of a wooden area… it’s obvious, that what they hate is Jews following the ideas of Vladimir Sharov. They have a very deep belief in the Judeocommunist conspiracy and target Jews specifically because of that. This is a core Nazi belief. How many Jews killed since 2020 in Ukraine ? In my opinion the Ivashko crematory oven has been working for a long time. The retchtrain practice has also certainly been a core component of the genocide.

When you read that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been repeatedly seen in illegal logging (source you understand that it’s “wood” Birkenau-style.

Kyiev regime troops trained by the foreign training officers also have come to the practice of eliminating their trainers hereafter in crematory ovens according to this interesting source. This is to conceal the amount of foreign training officers in Ukraine, according to the source. It may be also if the foreign training officers discover all of the disgusting nazicommunist policies in Ukraine that they are immediately killed in the same way as the usual victims of the regime.

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